Spectrum Fantastic Art Live Returns to Kansas City

Kansas City, Missouri-- Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (SFAL) returns to Kansas City Friday, April 21st through Sunday, April 23rd at Kansas City’s Municipal Auditorium, in the Exhibit Hall. SFAL is the convention that celebrates Fantastic Art and the people that create it. Attend workshops, panels, and live demonstrations; shop for prints and original drawings and paintings by nearly 200 renowned exhibiting artists; and attend the Spectrum 24 awards gala Saturday, April 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. at the historic Folly Theater.

Welcome to Spectrum Fantastic Art Live, an unprecedented convergence of artists from around the world; an unbridled celebration of the imagination. This is an art fair and a trade show, an educational venue and a networking forum; it’s an event for collectors, for students, for professionals, hobbyists, scholars, and fans.

But above all, this is an event for people with a sense of wonder, for those who take delight in the worlds of What If? and in the painters, sculptors, digital artists, and photographers who bring those worlds vividly to life. Fantastic Art can be a slightly skewed, off-kilter view of reality or a full-blown creation of imaginary lands and the people—and creatures—that inhabit them. Fantastic Art can be...anything...and we are surrounded by it everyday. Fantastic Art entertains us, informs us, challenges us, excites us, and lifts our spirits.

Special guests to SFAL will include author and fine artist, Brom; fine artist Laurie Lee Brom; the creator of Dinotopia, James Gurney; concept art designer of Star Wars and The Jungle Book films, Iain McCaig; Elquest creators Wendy & Richard Pini; and the principal creature designer for Star Wars, Episode 1, Terryl Whitlatch.

Flesk Publications will be hosting Special Guests comics creator Frank Cho, fine artist J.A.W. Cooper, comics creator Terry Dodson, and illustrator Gary Gianni.

For more information regarding these and the nearly 200 artists working professional in the realm of film, comics, gaming, and illustration and the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live event, please contact Carl V. Anderson, Event Coordinator.

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