Local Horror Icon Brings Werewolves to Kansas City!


A Werewolf movie to HOWL for!!!!

Indie Horror Director and Micro Budget Pioneer Todd Sheets has had a hell of a comeback after his heart attack that resulted in Quadruple Bypass surgery and 31 days in the Hospital. 6 months after his surgery he was in production on HOUSE OF FORBIDDEN SECRETS, a film that went on to be an Official Selection of over 88 Film Festivals, winning 9 awards and playing theaters all over America. That film brought together an incredible list of Drive In Movie icons such as Lew Temple (Wlaking Dead, Devil’s Rejects, Halloween, 31), Dyanne Thorne (ILSA herself!!!!), Allan Kayser (Night of the Creeps, Hot Chili), George Hardy (Troll 2), Ari Lehman (Friday The 13th), Howard Maurer (Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS, Ilsa The Wicked Warden) and even Troma president Lloyd Kaufman!!!! It was a worldwide success, paving the way for Todd’s next incedible success, Dreaming Purple Neon.

Dreaming Purple Neon enjoyed a sold out World Halloween premiere at the Screenland Theater in Kansas City, MO before embarking on the current Film Festival and Convention tour. The film has already been an Official Selection of over 15 Film Festivals and has screened all over the world, winning over 7 awards including Best Picture and Best Director awards. The film will continue to tour until late Summer. It will then be released just in time for Halloween by Unearthed Films who not only picked up the film for Worldwide Distribution, but also co-presented a very successful Hollywood Screening in January.

Now Todd Sheets, an underground Horror icon himself after making films for the huge VHS market in the late 80s and into the 90s, has launched his first ever INDIEGOGO campaign for the new feature film, BONEHILL ROAD. It is truly Todd’s dream project. The film will feature ALL PRACTICAL Special Makeup Effects, NO CGI for the werewolves and gore effects. It is a modern werewolf film, done the classic way. Bringing back the monster movies we loved for a new generation of Horror fans. It is both retro and original, a hybrid of styles and ideas that is sure to excite horror audiences both old and new.


BONEHILL ROAD is a truly original story, with suspense, scares and splatter all rolled into an incredible package. A werewolf film in the same style as the original HOWLING, AN American Werewolf In London and Dog Soldiers. A werewolf movie made by people who truly love and understand the genre. “Werewolves are my favorite monsters of all time.” Director Todd Sheets said. “And BONEHILL ROAD is truly my dream project, something I have wanted to do for years. And now I get my chance.”

The INDIEGOGO campaign is full of incredible perks, many of them include Pre-Orders of the film on DVD, BluRay and even VHS. There are Soundtrack perks, Signed Scripts, Posters and even Perks that offer props from the film!!! You can be in the Special Thanks, or be an Associate Producer of the film. And there are rewards for every level of contribution.

Todd Sheets is the only Kansas City horror director using 100% local cast, crew, and locations. He is also has the longest horror movie career as well as distribution in every territory worldwide!

For an interview or more information please contact: Amanda Payton 816-804-1783 NightwatchPress@aol.com

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