Altrusa Reminiscences About Its Activities In the Sixties

Kansas City - Altrusa International of Greater Kansas City, Inc. held its monthly business/program meeting at the Holiday Inn Plaza. In addition to the usual club activities of committee reports, election, and preparation for upcoming District Conference and Centennial International Convention, the club had a program on its activities from the 1960's.

Continuing the “Decade in Review” program at its monthly business meetings, March kicked off the “Sixties” decade, where members were reminded of historic and cultural items. As far as Altrusa history was concerned, members learned that the club celebrated its twentyfith anniversary. The Kansas City Club was heavily involved with the psychiatric center's therapy program organizing weekly bingo night, refreshments and prizes. They established a fund for needy high school students to purchase clothing. Each spring they hosted a tea honoring naturalized citizens and foreign born persons in English classes with the Naturalization Council of Kansas City. They also established a memorial fund to assist women seeking practical education in book keeping, nursing, etc. They received acknowledgement from the Kansas City Art Institute for their annual support of the institution.

A power point presentation was given by Bethany Stanley of Overland Park, KS, which noted historic events like the Vietnam War, Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, and the building of the Berlin Wall. Other noteworthy events included the formation of the Peace Corps and WWF, and the opening of the first Walmart store. The civil rights movement, Kennedy assasination, and voting right act was signed into law, which have all had long term effects on American culture. Other cultural icons events were introduced like Woodstock, Sesame Street, the first man to land on the moon.

Like the previous decade, the sixties continued to have a major impact on the music scene. Types of music introduced in the sixties were: Baroque Pop, Sunshine Pop, Bubblegum Pop, and Progressive Rock. The number one hit song was “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. The fashions of the sixties were noted for their bold, bright, and clashing use of color. The cars of the sixties continue to be the top of the heap with regard to collectibles.

Seth Kirschenbaum, a senior at Blue Valley North High School prepared the power point presentation as a part of his National Honor Society Senior Project. The club is indebted to him for his contribution to its 75th Anniversary Celebration.

For more information about Altrusa, go to the club's website at or like us on Facebook at AltrusaKC. For personal contact reach out to Club President, Shannon Johnston by e-mail at .


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