Ripple Glass Celebrates Billionth Bottle Recycled!

KANSAS CITY, MO – Since its launch in 2009, Kansas Citians have recycled millions of glass bottles and jars with Ripple Glass. This Spring, Ripple Glass will celebrate its billionth recycled bottle. One lucky recycler, the provider of Ripple’s billionth bottle, will win a party for friends and family featuring Boulevard beer and snacks and appetizers from Price Chopper. “This is Ripple’s way of saying Thanks a Billion to Kansas Citians. Each week, thousands of area residents collect their glass bottles and jars and deliver them to a nearby Ripple Glass bin, “ says Stacia Stelk, director of Ripple’s Kansas City Program, “Recycling one bottle saves enough energy to light a compact fluorescent lightbulb for 7 hours. But, recycling one billion bottles saves enough electricity to power every house in Kansas City for more than 18 days.” Simply recycle to win! Throughout April and leading up to the billionth bottle, Ripple Glass will surprise recyclers with small prizes at Ripple Glass collection points. The month will culminate with Ripple’s billionth bottle recycler. Ripple Glass locations can be found at ABOUT RIPPLE GLASS Launched in 2009, Ripple Glass provides easy and convenient glass recycling locations throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area. Ripple Glass is the brainchild of the people behind Boulevard Brewing Company. Each year, Boulevard sells more than 10 million bottles in the Kansas City area alone. Before Ripple Glass, most of those bottles landed in local landfills. The folks at Boulevard didn’t feel good about that, and they knew it was just a drop in the bucket of the more than 80 million tons of glass consumed each year in our community. Ripple Glass is a local solution to a local problem of waste glass. Working with area hosts, like local Price Chopper stores, Ripple collects glass locally from area residents, processes it locally, and then a local manufacturer, Owens Corning, uses the material to make its PINK Fiberglas insulation. It’s good for the environment, great for the local economy, and makes local homes more energy efficient.

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