Kansas City Eye Care Center Now Offering EnChroma Glasses for The Colorblind

EnChroma Eyeglasses have been generating quite a buzz online with their ability to help a lot of colorblind people see colors normally. Being colorblind is a hereditary condition that affects the cones in the eye that perceive color. It is more common among men, affecting about 1 in 12, with about 1 in 200 women is affected, but those women will often pass the trait to their sons. The EnChroma eyeglasses can also be made with prescription lenses. The lenses are effective for about four out of five people with red-green color vision deficiency. It is estimated there are about 90,000 colorblind people in the Kansas City area.

Currently the only eye care center to offer the EnChroma Eyeglasses in the state of Kansas (and within the KC area), is Brill Eye Center, located in Mission, KS of the Kansas City metro. Owned and operated by Dr. Raymond J. Brill, who graduated cum laude from Illinois College of Optometry with BSVS and OD degrees after completing undergraduate studies at Northern Illinois University. Brill Eye Center started offering the EnChroma eyeglasses in the latter half of 2016, and they have grown more and more popular in helping those with colorblindness within the Kansas City metropolitan area, gaining local KC news coverage and YouTube and positive social media buzz.

For more information on Brill Eye Center's locally offered EnChroma Lenses for Colorblindness in the Kansas City metro, visit https://www.brilleye.com/services/color-blindness/ or contact them on their eye care center contact information below.

Brill Eye Center 5820 Lamar Ave, Mission, KS 66202 (913) 432-7676 https://www.brilleye.com/

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