Mother and busy professional sets out to save lives and save memories through new mobile app

With distracted driving taking too many lives, Heather Rosburg sets out to change that with an automatic text responder mobile app, Text & Away.

Kansas City, MO. April 3 2017. Text & Away is a new mobile app created to promote safe driving, professional responsiveness and screen-free family time. The mobile app automatically responds to incoming texts and phone calls with a user created customized message when engaged.

In Drive Mode, once your automobile starts moving, the Text & Away Mobile App takes over all incoming texts and phone calls by silencing, archiving and auto responding directly back to the message. Letting your friends and family know that you are driving and will respond when you safely arrive at your destination.

Text & Away Mobile App also serves as a simple automatic text responder. You can set the app for short periods of time, i.e. business meetings, conference calls. Or you can set the app for longer periods of time, i,e. long weekend breaks and vacations. The mobile app also has a function to allow pre-determined ‘break-through-texters’, in the case of an emergency.

Text & Away Mobile App will archive all incoming text messages so you can conveniently go back and respond when available next. Android version is available on the Google Play Store for FREE. IOS version is awaiting approval from Apple.

Rosburg said, “In developing this app, we hope to support the Don’t Text and Drive Movement. By helping keep drivers’ eyes on the road, this app will save lives and that’s the ultimate goal. We are working on several unique and exciting features for the 2.0 roll-out”

Rosburg also says: “A bi-product of this app, is its allowance for screen-free family time. When I want a little peace and quiet or need to be present with my family, I can turn on Text & Away and customize a response to let my clients know when I am going be available. I care about my clients and need to be responsive and consistent; however, there are times when it is not safe and/or appropriate to respond. I created this app to solve both of these challenges.”

About Text & Away. Text & Away is a mobile app company supporting the Don’t Text and Drive Movement, the business community and screen-free families. The company is in the business of saving lives, saving vacations and making memories in the moment. They encourage you to put the phone down and enjoy the moment, all while being consistent and responsive to your incoming texts. The mobile app can be found on the Google Play store, iOS is awaiting approval. Text & Away is based in Kansas City, MO.

For Media Inquiries contact: Chris Rosburg,, 816-315-1891

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