National Association of Social Workers, Missouri Chapter, Awards SAVE Inc. as Agency of the Year

SAVE, Inc., the number one Shelter Plus Care voucher-providing agency in the state of Missouri, has been recognized as the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), Missouri Chapter Agency of the Year for 2017. They will be awarded on Friday, March 31 at the National Association of Social Workers Missouri Chapter 2017 Show-Me Annual Symposium at Lake of the Ozarks, MO. SAVE, Inc. has been providing comprehensive housing solutions to socially and medically disadvantaged people in the greater Kansas City area for more than 30 years.

Proving the ability to change with “changing” times, their commitment to the promotion of social service and social work, and for enhancing the quality of social services delivered to Missouri’s’ citizens, SAVE Inc. has received this prestigious award. SAVE, Inc. collaborates with Johnson County, KS, the City of Kansas City, MO, the MO Department of Mental Health, and the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to offer five different rental assistance voucher programs. Clients on these programs have the freedom to live anywhere in the 15-county Kansas City Metro Area in both Kansas and Missouri. Through the “Rental Assistance Due to Medical Crisis Program”, SAVE, Inc. will pay the bills that may otherwise push families into poverty and homelessness during periods of time where working may become impossible due to illness. SAVE Inc. owns and operates seven residential properties located in the midtown area in which they provide permanent supportive housing.

“We’ve been honored and are proud to have worked with our many partners to try to end homelessness in our community, and to provide solutions to those who are our most vulnerable. If you’re looking for a place to lay your head every night, taking medications and focusing on your health are probably not your highest priorities,” said Blaine Proctor, Chief Executive Officer.

SAVE, Inc. recognizes that housing is key to preventing the spread of diseases and illnesses. Those individuals who have access to safe and stable housing are more likely to stay in treatment for chronic illness, substance abuse and mental illness. Services range from an array of housing and utility options ranging from emergency, transitional and permanent assistance and more.

About SAVE, Inc.

SAVE, Inc. was founded in 1986 by courageous volunteers who recognized the dire need to provide AIDS victims who had lost their homes, a place to die with dignity. With few resources and a firm belief in the need to help others, these volunteers established SAVE Home in midtown Kansas City, the first AIDS-specific hospice in the state of Missouri. What began 30 years ago as a mere 8-bedroom hospice, SAVE Inc. has since expanded its campus to include seven residential buildings making up 66 units, and to providing housing and housing solutions to over 900 households every month in 15 counties on both sides of the state line. Because of these efforts, SAVE Inc. has become the largest processer of tenant-based rental assistance vouchers in Missouri. SAVE Inc. has expanded its mission to include people with a dual diagnosis of homelessness, poverty, serious and persistent mental illness, substance abuse disorders, and/or HIV/AIDS. For more information, please visit

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