ProPharma Group Adds Global Medical Information Contact Center in Tokyo

Overland Park, KS— ProPharma Group announces the opening of a new medical information contact center in Tokyo, Japan. This becomes the second location in the Asia-Pacific region for the US-based global medical information and pharmacovigilance services provider. ProPharma Group has been serving its clients’ Asia-Pacific regional requirements from their Melbourne, Australia contact center for more than five years, and the opening of the Tokyo contact center reflects their growth in the region.

ProPharma Group’s Tokyo Medical Information Service is launching on the foundation of 20 years of experience in Medical Information, first established in the US and UK, then successfully growing into the rest of Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America, and the Asia-Pacific region.

“Many of our existing regional and global clients have indicated a need for a Japan-based medical information contact center,” said Mike Burman, Vice President of Global Medical Information. “ProPharma Group’s Tokyo medical information contact center will ensure that our clients’ patients in Japan, as well as the healthcare professionals who may prescribe their products, have access to current and accurate medical information. Our growth into this region will allow us to provide a more robust, comprehensive approach to regionalization and globalizing our clients’ medical information programs.”

This announcement further expands ProPharma Group’s global medical information contact center services, which now include support in more than 30 native languages from six contact centers around the world. This continues the trend of growth for ProPharma Group in the Asia-Pacific region, as just under a year ago, its contact center in Melbourne, Australia underwent a significant expansion.

About ProPharma Group

ProPharma Group is a global industry leader in comprehensive compliance services that span the entire lifecycle of drugs, biologics, and devices. ProPharma Group has more than 600 employees around the globe providing medical information and pharmacovigilance services as well as other compliance-related services. ProPharma Group’s medical information services include timely and accurate responses to medical information inquiries as well as the intake and documentation of adverse events and product quality complaints, all with professionally trained staff members who are native speakers in more than 30 languages. Services are available globally and are performed with strict adherence to regulatory requirements worldwide—ProPharma Group is your partner, everywhere. For more information, visit


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