Small Business Owner Sponsors "Fire the Fool" Topeka Rally

TOPEKA, KS, March 17 – A Topeka small business owner has put his money where his mouth is when it comes to political activism. Riley Vittitoe, owner of Topeka's Elem Technologies (, has co-sponsored an April Fool's Day rally at the Statehouse intended to send a message to elected leaders that they, too, can be replaced. "Fire the Fool" - Topeka ( is a sister rally to other rallies going on around the nation on April 1st.

The event is being staged by Kansas Indivisible, an activist group that grew out of the national movement created by the publication of "Indivisible: A Practical Guide to Resisting the Trump Agenda" published by a group of former Congressional staffers. The guide offers advice on how activists can be successful by modeling their actions after what the Tea Party did during the early years of Barrack Obama's presidency, with the exclusion of the sometimes violent, destructive actions the Tea Partiers occasionally exhibited.

"I believe the most important thing we can do to improve our lives and the lives of our children is to make our politicians accountable to us," Vittitoe said when asked why he put his company's name behind the rally. "Donald Trump and his administration are waking people up to the necessity of taking action and making our voices heard. Elem Technologies wants to make sure this event is a success to ensure the movement continues to grow and gains momentum."

Vittitoe said he hopes the rally will encourage more people to join the movement. Activism, he says, ensures that politicians hear their constituent’s voices. "We want politician's to start serving the people again."

Vittitoe said that in the long term, all businesses will be stronger when everyone is financially better off, and when government starts investing more in schools and communities. In the short term, he hopes the rally will bring attention to Elem Technologies. "We care about our customers, and we always try to find the right technology solution," Vittitoe said. "That's something you won't find in any of the big stores. The more the community buys local from us, the more people we can hire and the more we can give back to the community."

Vittitoe hopes the rally will bring more people into the movement. "For those people and the people already in the movement, I hope the rally invigorates them and motivates them to be more active in ensuring our politicians represent us."

"This rally will show the people of Kansas that there is a large group of people ready to stand up for and with them against the politicians that don't care about them," Vittitoe said. "The message to the nation is, even in a red state like Kansas, 'we won't stand by and let partisanship blind us to the corruption in our government. We the people are standing united against the common enemy of corruption in our government.'"

Anyone interested in speaking, providing entertainment or bringing a food truck to the rally can contact Tamisha Sewell, Event Coordinator, at (620) 870-4973. Additionally, non-profit organizations, progressive candidates, and political/social activist groups can bring a table ( to distribute literature and get people to sign up during the event. There is no charge to set up an informational table, but no products or services can be sold during the rally on the Statehouse grounds. “Fire the Fool” Topeka’s logo wear is available at Teespring ( and will not be available during the event.

Follow event announcements and RSVP to the rally at the official Facebook event page here:

Contact: Tamisha Sewell “Fire the Fool” Event Coordinator (620) 870-4973

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