D Keith Jordan 2017 Bid For Chief Executive Officer/Mayor KCK

D Keith Jordan 2017 Bid For Chief Executive Officer/Mayor KCK


Kansas City, Kansas March 7th 2017 – D Keith Jordan today is announcing their campaign for CEO/Mayor of KCK with the agenda of working for a better quality of life for the citizens of WYCO/KCK. There has been many changes over the years in the county. Some have been good for the citizens of KCK and others have hurt them and their families.

KCK is more than just Village West Shopping District, but that seems to be all that is focused on when it comes to development. The roads in our communities are falling apart and Downtown KCK needs to be redeveloped. WYCO is not the richest county in the state of Kansas but we pay more in Property Taxes then any other county. WYCO has taken on the burden of supporting a state that is in debt.

It is time for big business to pay their share of the taxes. We have businesses that have let their buildings fall apart bringing down property value. Plus we have some that have not fulfilled agreements made with the county. These businesses should pay higher penalties to the county. Some say that sounds like an unfair attack on these businesses. But D Keith Jordan has stated, “I’d rather kick Big Business in the dick, then kick The Working Man in the dick.”

This campaign is a ground roots attempt to take the county back. If you are interested in interviews or quotes you can find candidate Jordan on Facebook: fb.me/MayorJordan2017 or email mayorjordan2017@gmail.com

D Keith Jordan is not only a graduate of Turner High School & KCKCC. He is also a resident that has strived to do all that he can for his county. Whether it be giving his time and knowledge of sports to the local rec center or in the summer working with Harvester’s Kid’s Café program to help feed kids. He works to better his community.

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