KC Milan To Re-Brand As Dominos Soccer Club

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATE: March 4, 2017 KC Milan Soccer Club re-branding as Dominos Soccer Club KANSAS CITY, Mo. – The KC Milan Soccer Club announced today that the organization is re-branding as the Dominos Soccer Club. KC Milan founder Jacques Tournoy has partnered with Domino's Pizza franchise owner Jamie Poulsen to create a youth soccer club like none other in the city. "I am absolutely thrilled to start this next chapter for the club. Working with Domino's Pizza and Mr. Poulsen will help us to create one of the top clubs in the city. Let me be clear that Mr. Poulsen is not sponsoring the Dominos Soccer Club. He is a partner. This is a critical distinction as he will be actively involved helping us plan this exciting chapter for the organization. The resources that will be made available will allow us to improve how we educate our coaches and develop our players. Coaching education is critical as that will trickle down and develop more complete and accomplished players." Jacques Tournoy said. "It is also very important to both of us that we add outreach programming that will give back to the community. There is a lot of talent in the city that can't afford to participate in club soccer. We will be very active bringing the game to these deserving kids." Jacques and Jamie will be joined in partnership with Bryan Carver and Rich Malagon of KC Milan. Bryan helped Jacques co-found KC Milan back in 2006. Rich has been a coach with the club for 3 years and has been instrumental in helping KC Milan plan for the future. He is development focused and will be playing a key role in the area of coaching education. Plans for the club include the opening of a state of the art indoor academy facility that will allow players to train under the guidance of top coaches 12 months a year. The club will continue to be very active in the community running programs such as the Domino's Pizza Beach Soccer Classic and the Domino’s Pizza 3v3 Torneo Street Tournament. The club will soon be announcing dates and locations for the Domino's Pizza Summer Soccer Series of youth camps. After tryouts in June the club will have close to 40 teams and 500 members with over 30 coaches. "I am beyond excited to join Jacques and the team with the re-branding of the club. I can't wait to be part of developing an indoor facility for us to train at year round as well as securing fields that the entire club can practice at. One other thing that I will really want to focus on is helping develop our outreach programs through corporate sponsorships to those areas in the city that are in need." Jamie Poulsen said. Mr. Poulsen owns over 40 Domino’s Pizza franchises, is a long time soccer fan and former player whose daughter is also a current player in the club he is now a partner in. He has been very involved and generous in the soccer community as a sponsor of several of the professional teams in the city including the Kansas City Comets and FC Kansas City. The indoor training academy will be a critical piece as it will provide a venue that both coaches and players can develop to their maximum potential. “This is an exciting partnership because of our shared passion for the game of soccer and its development in our city especially in the Northland. The love of the game is something we all share and our new club is going to be a true reflection of that.” Rich Malagon said. About Domino’s Pizza: Domino’s is the second largest pizza restaurant chain in the world, with more than 13,200 locations in over 80 markets. Founded in 1960, their roots are in convenient pizza delivery, while a significant amount of sales also come from carryout customers. Although a highly-recognized global brand, the focus is on serving the local neighborhoods in which they live and do business through a large network of franchise owners and Company-owned stores. For more information, visit www.Dominos.com. About KC Milan Soccer Club: KC Milan was founded in 2006 by Jacques Tournoy and Bryan Carver. It is a premier youth club based in Kansas City North. Teams compete in local, regional and international competitions. The club's mission has been to develop players through proper tactical and technical training in a positive and fun environment. For more information, contact Jacques Tournoy at jacques@kcmilan.com and 816-651-1416 or visit www.DominosSoccer.org.

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