Kansas City Photographer to Donate $5/Child to “Little Warrior Princesses” While Looking for Kansas City's Cutest Kid


Kansas City Photographer to Donate $5/Child to “Little Warrior Princesses” While Looking for Kansas City's Cutest Kid

KANSAS CITY, Mo.--Melissa McGee of Melissa McGee Photography will host an online contest to select Kansas City's cutest kid. Kids age 6 months (or comfortably sitting) to 14 years are eligible for the contest. The 15-minute photo shoots will take place March 26, with voting to take place online following the shoots.

McGee, the mother of a ten-month-old daughter, will donate $5 for every entry to Little Warrior Princesses, a local non-profit that provides food and gas gift cards to families with babies in the NICU units around Kansas City.

“We are blessed that our daughter is healthy,” McGee said. “We want to help those families whose kids are struggling. Those families are usually in the NICU with their kiddos for an extended period of time, and life doesn't stop for them just because baby is in the NICU, especially if they have other kids at home.”

“Some parents have to go back to work so they can use their parental leave once they are able to bring their baby home. A huge amount of time is spent traveling back and forth between the hospital and home for at least one parent, hence the gas gift cards. The restaurant gift cards help with the cost of food so they can get back to the hospital quickly to be with their baby. They also can be used to give parents a break from the situation and focus on themselves for a few minutes.”

Melissa McGee Photography hosts several events a year. “It is a priority that each event has the element of giving back. We partner with an organization that makes sense for the type of event. The “Cutest Kid Contest” in the Spring, focuses on children, “Dog Days of Summer” focuses on pets and shelter animals, and “Holiday Pawtraits”, focuses on pets.

To enter the Cutest Kid Contest, call Melissa McGee Photography at 816-686-4695 to schedule a photo shoot and pay the $39 entry fee. Once the photos are taken, the entries will be posted on McGee's social media platforms, including a blog: www.melissamcgeephotography.com/blog, Facebook: www.facebook.com/melissamcgeephoto, Twitter: http://twitter.com/melissamcgphoto, Instagram: www.instagram.com/melissamcgeephoto, and LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/melissabmcgee.

Once the voting period has ended, the winners will be announced, with prize packs for first-, second- and third-place entries. Each prize pack includes wall art customized with the child's images, prints and more.

For more information contact Melissa McGee Photography at 816-686-4695.


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