Cochlear Americas Becomes National Sponsor of CELEBRATE SOUND


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Cochlear Americas Becomes National Sponsor of CELEBRATE SOUND

?Hearing implant company provides Kansas City based charity with funds to support hearing health events.

Kansas City, MO. 2/6/2017 – Cochlear, the global leader in implantable hearing solutions, donates significant funding to support and promote CELEBRATE SOUND Don’t Walk in Silence® events around the United States. Cochlear is also the first national sponsor for CELEBRATE SOUND, a national fundraising awareness program created by Hearing Charities of America (HCOA).

Hearing loss affects over 50 million people in the United States and this staggering number is escalating. CELEBRATE SOUND events help create the necessary funds and awareness needed to confront and address this pressing and preventable health issue.

Each event is unique, but the ultimate goal is the same – raise money and awareness for hearing health. Half of the proceeds benefit communities or local charities. The other half provides national scholarships, grants and supports hearing health programs. These events are designed to unite and bring communities together by focusing on hearing health.

Cochlear is committed to serving the hearing loss community and supports initiatives in the United States and globally that educate and bring awareness to hearing loss. For more than 30 years, Cochlear has brought the gift of hearing to more than 450,000 people worldwide.

“The work of Hearing Charities of America speaks directly to our mission to help people hear and be heard,” said Patricia Trautwein, Vice President of Marketing, Cochlear Americas. “We are proud to partner with them as we further our mutual goal of providing assistance and resources to all those with hearing loss.”

With Cochlear’s support, HCOA hopes to change even more lives by assisting organizations and communities with CELEBRATE SOUND events.

About Hearing Charities of America?Hearing Charities of America is a nonprofit organization that supports those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing. The organization connects those who need information, education, hearing health services, and assistive devices with the resources they need to live a healthier hearing life.

If you would like to become more familiar with this charitable organization and its programs, please contact HCOA at 816-333-8300 or visit

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