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Outraged Disability Rights Leaders Send a Message to their Governors and the National Governors Association about ACA Repeal/Replace/Repair

For Immediate Release: Helen Stucky Weaver 785-770-7448 Twitter@wellnessweaver Twitter@sistersue1954 FB: Helen Stucky Risdon FB:WellnessWeavers

February 22, 2017 Waterville, KS – Disability rights leaders in Kansas and Wisconsin are sending a “loud and clear” message to Governor Brownback & Gov Walker, WI to take with them to the National Governors Association when it meets in DC later this week, February 24 – 27:

61 million Americans with disabilities are at risk of losing health care coverage, benefits and their right to live in the community.

Kansas and Wisconsin have joined forces in the WOMAN4ALL HUMANs, the Wellness Oriented Mutual Aid Network for All Lifelong Learners as a pilot project in HUMANs, Humans United in Mutual Aid Networks but the Governors do not yet know about all the progress that is being made by volunteers and an wholistic RN that couldn’t find work or people that understood the Community Service-Learning and Time Banking concept in the background since adversity is the Motherhood of Invention.

The emerging plan will also be submitted as a Community Comparative Effectiveness Research study to the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute after all states have had a chance to offer and get enrolled any business, Medicare, Medicaid enrollee that do have health insurance and the people that are uninsured. It will be the easiest research project ever done because it makes use of the statistics that have been collected by public health, law enforcements, the court-county jails-prison systems, and by public schools for years.

The KS-WI plan involves Time Banking where every volunteer’s time is equal and where people sign up to put their STAR into the Time Bank to volunteer to share their Skills, Talents, Affirmative Action Attitudes, and Resources that they are comfortable sharing. The disability statistics classically reported do not include all the people that are disabled socially and financially because no one wants their help at that time, or can give them a paid job that has health insurance… and perhaps they make too much to qualify for assistance.

The KS-WI plan integrates the best practices and offers the IHELP STAR plan to Family MDs-ARNP, OB-GYNs, Public Health Departments, and Hospitals and Birthing Centers as part of the strategy to prevent ACES and reduce adult health problems as reported by the CDC’s ACES Study about Adverse Childhood Experiences and their impact on learning and health.

The KS-WI plan will be fully developed during the 13-week pilot project with and Cisco WebEx and the Wellness Weavers Cisco WebEx Enterprise account serving as the Mothership with 100 docking stations for the Cisco WebEx Training or Event Centers. It will be a one-hour “Ability Now…Unity Just in Time!” program on the Empowerment Channel, that will debut at 11 AM PST on Tuesdays. The first test flight broadcasted webinar is slated for liftoff on March 21st.

Watch the website for the actual launch date and for a chance to get your Cisco WebEx system a docking port so you can get more vessels and people into the game with everyone having voice and vote. It will be fun to see how many people we can “carry” without crashing the Internet or the Cisco WebEx system. At least it will be a crash where the only hurt will be the Internet is down until the right STAR TEAM get it going again. We welcome them to our TEAM because Together Everyone Achieves More…and so we can avoid any inconveniences to people’s work and social life…all important aspects of health and wellness and being well-functioning.

Though these historic test flights cruise on the Internet, if we can establish an open portal of communication to NPR, PBS, and the land based radio and TV systems on college campuses or in communities, we will also be able to cross the “Digital Divide” to allow an audio-visual experience for those that are staying home and do not have internet and may have vision or hearing issues. If someone wants to earn Time Bank credits in their local Time Bank or are ready to join the Wellness Weavers Health and Wellness Cooperative where we are Beta Testers for the mobile Timekeeper Bank, then you will be able to add your hour of service by being there to help enter an old or new friend’s or loved one’s responses so we can count their voice and vote. Innovative solutions to that aspect are needed and “Grandmother Spider” would appreciate the STAR people that can divide up the many tasks involved in this web of intricate weavings.

Instead of an inflight movie, those with a webinar chat box seat will be able to engage as a participant with voice and vote on the “Ability Now…Just in Time!” show…a dramatic comedy extemporaneous reality game show where the “Yes, Butts” give the challenges to the “Yes, AND Innovation TEAMs to solve…all within an hour minus a few commercial breaks. Unlike most of the commercials seen on TV, people will not be allowed to market FDA approved products known to cause obesity, diabetes, relationship problems, unwanted pregnancies, breathing problems and other chronic health issues that cause so many of our nations disabilities.

This 13-week tour of duty flown by “Major Prudence Wright”, “Astra, a Major in the Space Cadets”, “Amelia Earhart, the Time Traveler”, “Sister Sue, the Witch of Kansas East”, “The Prairie Tooth fairy”, “Mildred, our active senior will offer her wisdom for finding a good husband and fitting the Cardiac Rehab way of life into their day. “Helen, MD” will be on duty to take call as needed and “Cassandra” will be aboard in the therapy ward getting the multidisciplinary therapy to heal from the curse that left her with social and emotional communication disabilities, PTSD and no health insurance. She has signed the Informed Consent to allow us to use her as a pilot project to test the effectiveness of ME therapy.

The pilot series will also leave all account holders of Cisco WebEx Training Centers and Event Centers in a position to creatively serve their business networks, educational networks, and networks of city-county-state and federal governmental agencies and their libraries, community and senior centers with internet access as portals to citizen engagement for volunteerism and connection to education and health and wellness and nimble Community Service and Learning TEAMs that will be supported by the Community Gardens & Local Producers for the Wellness Weavers Network for good food, fun dining and activities and fitness options, as a reward for their service…not as another bill!

It will also restore hope and faith as we demonstrate how President Trump told the truth…we will have government for the people and by the people and the lobbyists will no longer be able to buy the laws and bury the loopholes that allowed the people with the most money and power to win and market products and create stress that triggers the cascade of disabilities for the people that are enslaved by debt and the American Way of Life that is depicted on through the mainstream news media.

The pool of Willson Educational Trust funds to serve Kansas and all states remains closed until she has actually local support that puts the six buildings and community gardens into the very service describe by the WOMAN4ALL that has been rejected by the Valley Heights School District, the City Council, the Chamber of Commerce, the Waterville Historic Preservation Society, the Central Branch Historical Railroad Society, the Waterville United Methodist Church, St Mark’s Lutheran Church, and the Girl Scouts, the Boy Scouts, and the Lion’s Club.

Why? Is the public health question she has been trained to ask. The math and answers to all the ways that she and her events have been unsupported by the community have roots of ACEs, jealousy, judgment, and those that thought a newcomer just needs to be quiet and do as they are told in a town of 850 people that had historic buildings in need of repair but they only wanted to give attention to the city-owned Waterville Opera House as the rest of their historic district was deteriorating. They also did not want to try the “sweat equity plan” that would give all socioeconomic groups access to earn credits to attend all kinds of city events. Sometime competence and education and judgment are a disability…and one that is not counted in the statistics.

Since the Empowerment series is in the future and the Governors’ meeting is right upon us, please read this important information below about proposed changes to Medicaid that are being proposed to be made soon…

However, keep in mind that the Disability Rights leaders that wrote the press release that made its way to me did not know about or have any understanding of the WOMAN4LL and the way that we could leverage the Willson Education Funds in Waterville to serve all with some local or global cooperation.

Most previous attempts to engender local enthusiasm for the Wellness Weavers Way have been met with none support. Even being a member of the Chamber of Commerce for six years did not prevent community leaders from going to the new Marshall County Economic Development Director to tell her that I was mentally ill and needed to move from their town and rent out my building without all the Wellness Weavers stipulations that include the health protections measures typical of any health-education or church except that I also add the criteria adhered to by Eco-healthy Quality Child Early Childhood Learning Centers…because those are the standards known to prevent health problems and to promote wellness and learning. ~Helen Stucky Weaver, retired RN, retired Child Care Health Consultant, retired ACSM Exercise Specialist, Retired School Nurse, former ANA Certified Community Nurse, current Certified Humor Professional in the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor.

Disability leaders are asking their Governors to put people first, over partisan politics. Several Republican Governors, including Governors Kasich (OH) and Snyder (MI), have been very outspoken against the Medicaid cuts. In similar statements across America, disability leaders are united in their demands:

We oppose the GOP repeal and replace proposal because:

  • Medicaid block grants and per capita caps are nothing more than an attempt by the federal government to cut support to states for Medicaid.

  • Over the next 10 years Federal support is projected to be cut by $1 trillion; states and/or counties will have to come up with the replacement revenue or make major cuts.

  • Cuts will be made to prescription drugs, physical, occupational and speech therapies, Personal Care, HCBS waivers and state plan amendments, Community First Choice and Health Homes, etc. These so called “optional” services often mean the difference between “life and death” for many people with disabilities.

  • Under block grants, states would receive a fixed amount of money each year for the program regardless of actual needs or costs. Per capita caps provides a fixed amount of funding per Medicaid beneficiary with states liable for all medical and LTSS costs beyond the caps.

  • Neither Block Grants nor per capita caps can or will control health care and LTSS costs.

  • Enhanced Medicaid expansion matching funds in 31 states and DC would be reduced, another loss of revenue to states, further squeezing state budgets, and resulting in a resurgence of uncompensated care to emergency rooms and hospitals, reduction in treatment for people addicted to opioids, and millions of people losing access to health care they only recently received.

  • Reduction in federal revenue to the states will result in enrollment caps, increase in waiting lists, and human pain and suffering. 10 million people are covered by Medicaid expansion, and about 20% of those are people with disabilities (PwDs).

  • Reduction in federal revenue will result in a major loss of jobs in health care and long-term services and supports (LTSS) in every state.

  • Eight states with Community First Choice (CFC) will lose their 6% enhanced Medicaid match: CA, CO, MD, MT, NY, OR, TX, and WV.

  • Of the 73 million Americans covered by Medicaid, 15 million (21%) are children and adults with disabilities and senior citizens. PwDs account for 48% of total Medicaid dollars due to higher acute care costs and costs of LTSS. Kids and moms receiving TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) benefits are generally healthy, and so are quite inexpensive to Medicaid. Therefore, capping Medicaid will result in potential draconian cuts in services to PwDs and senior citizens.

  • PwDs who are employed may have to quit their jobs due to loss of funds for Personal Care Attendants (PCAs) or access to state optional Medicaid buy-in plans, now existing in 65 states (only AL, FL, HI, TN and D.C. do not have buy-in plans).

  • End of enhanced federal matching funds for Money Follows the Person (MFP) that liberated over 63,000 people from institutions, and loss of Community First Choice (CFC) will make it far more difficult for people to leave or avoid institutions, which in the aggregate are 2-3 times more expensive for a poorer quality of life than the costs and benefits of community services and supports.

  • If ACA is repealed we will revert to Lifetime Caps in commercial insurance which harm people with significant medical and community LTSS needs.

  • There can be NO repeal without replacement, and any replacement plan must assure access to quality coordinated health care in Medicaid including Health Homes and cost-effective LTSS FOR personal care, CFC, and HCBS state plans and waivers rather than nursing homes and INSTITUTIONS FOR PEOPLE WITH DEVELOPMENTAL/intellectual disabilities (ICFs/DD).

  • On the commercial insurance side, we cannot accept High Risk Pools – they are proven to not work, are very expensive and have high deductibles and co-pays. Health Savings Accounts have NO savings in them for low and moderate income PwDs.

  • Disability leaders cannot support reinstatement of annual and lifetime caps by insurance companies, and denial of coverage or massive surcharges for preexisting conditions. The disability community is united in its determination to protect access to affordable, quality health care and long term supports and services that promote community living and employment and we insist that your policy changes do no harm.

  • It’s about saving lives and improving health

    • It’s about independence and community participation
  • It’s about civil rights, freedom and liberty

We can help improve Medicaid without harming people.

Nothing About Us Without Us,

Helen Stucky Weaver Wellness Weavers

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