Are local building owners ready for energy and water benchmarking law?

Kansas City, MO - February 9, 2017 - The deadline for Kansas City’s water and energy benchmarking ordinance - the Energy Empowerment Ordinance, is fast approaching, but some local building owners may be caught off guard when the May 1, 2017 deadline hits. There could be financial penalties for non-compliance.

All buildings in Kansas City over 100,000 square feet in area must monitor and report energy and water use to the local government by May 1 of this year, and every year thereafter. Buildings over 50,000 square feet have to comply with this law by May 1, 2018.

“In speaking with local building owners and managers, we’re finding out that many don’t know this regulation exists” according to Gregory Bonser, of Alert Energy, and building energy and water savings firm.

Officials at the Kansas City Benchmarking office have posted notice of this ordinance on line and have been reaching out to local building owners this year, but the message does might not be getting through.

The local government will then publish the results in a list online so that anyone can see who has the most efficient and who has the least efficient buildings in the City. According to the Institute for Market Transformation (, “Energy benchmarking and transparency allows building owners, governments, and the public to better understand how their buildings use energy. With this knowledge, they can make smarter and more cost-effective improvements.”

Cities across the US that have implemented benchmarking policies say the programs work to generate energy and water savings. For example, in Chicago’s recent benchmarking report, they claim “An estimated $17.8 million has already been saved from the energy bills of the 1,200+ properties that have benchmarked and reported for either two or three consecutive years.” Given that Kansas City’s law may impact up to 1,500 buildings, the City may end up seeing similar results from its program. But at what cost to local businesses?

“Complying with the regulations is not easy for all building owners - it involves learning about new programs, taking on a bunch of new paperwork, and can take them away from their core business. Alert Energy helps building owners comply with the regulations, and gives more insights into ways to find savings.” said Bonser whose company has been active in 7 cities with benchmarking regulations and many others without regulations. “Information is power, and with the regulations or not, benchmarking can help save costs. We make it easy for owners and managers of commercial buildings throughout the US.”

About Alert Energy: An outsourced energy and water management firm - we offer a full range of services with experts in building operation, engineering and construction. Our experts identify savings opportunities, provide visibility and reporting from the portfolio down to the plug level.

Contact: Gregory Bonser, 1-855-989-6978 or 416-887-1906,


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