Local Missouri Permanent Cosmetic Professional Brings New Hope to Breast Cancer Survivors in the State

Kansas City, MO, January 26, 2017-Ani Alvarez, Owner of Beauty & Beyond, Permanent Cosmetics and Full Service Salon, in Columbia, MO, is pioneering the way to making authentic looking 3D areola repigmentation accessible to every woman who has lost her breast(s) to cancer. This type of repigmentation is designed to help women with scars from mastectomies and breast augmentations. Alvarez is looking to help women in the Kansas City area, as well as, Columbia.

Alvarez said, “My goal is to really get the word out that this service is available. I have actually become a bit fanatical about spreading the word about 3D areola repigmentation because I have seen first hand what this does for the confidence of a breast cancer survivor. These women have already been through such incredible battles, and they just want to wake up in the morning and see their breasts look as normal as possible. It’s something the rest of us take for granted.”

Ani Alvarez is the only person in Columbia, MO certified in 3D areola repigmentation, and one of only six in the entire state of Missouri. Alvarez has received extensive training in 3D areola repigmentation; including several workshops with Vicky Martin (the woman who developed this specific technique), and a one-on-one training session with Martin. The last workshop was the SPCP (Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals) conference; which required Alvarez to work on breast molds and practice skin. After this, Alvarez decided to take it one step further with one-on-one training.

When Alvarez was asked why she invested in one-on-one training with such a renowned professional such as Martin she replied, “Well, even though I am already good at what I do, this is something that women are putting a lot of faith in me to do. They want to restore their breasts to look as close as possible to what they looked like before having a mastectomy. I take their confidence in me very seriously.”

Vicky Martin personally watched Alvarez work on 3D areola repigmentation in order to critique her work. Martin was thoroughly impressed with her natural ability.

This service is available at Beauty & Beyond, Permanent Cosmetics and Full Service Salon. The salon is located at 3304 Broadway Business Park, Suite A, Columbia, MO. Ani Alvarez is also available by request to perform this service in a doctor’s office if required by insurance.

When asked what is the one thing she wanted to accomplish with getting the word out about repigmentation she stated, “I just want women to know that this available and that they don’t have to wake up everyday feeling self-conscious. And doctors to know that this is available, and they have access to someone certified to perform this service. In the end, I guess I want to help as many women as possible.”

You can visit Alvarez’s website, Facebook page, or call the number below for more information.

Contact: Ani Alvarez (573) 447-0272 pmubyanialvarez@gmail.com

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