T-Shirt company launches a new website to help the LGBT community

GayForShirts.com is trying to make the word “gay” normal again by getting everyone to be “gay for” something.

Kansas City, MO - November 11th, 2016 - Starting with all 50 states and the 50 largest U.S. cities L.A. based manufacturer, GayForShirts.com is trying to help continue the fight for rights that so many Americans have struggled for decades now to earn. With the current political fear that those rights are in danger, they see now as a perfect time for a renewed call-to-action. It’s time to once again STAND UP, SPEAK OUT, and look great doing it!

“We plan to add lots of things people can be ‘gay for’ over time. If you don’t see what you want, come back,” says company president, Jeremy Durham. “Or send us what you are gay for and each month we’ll pick a few of your suggestions to add to our catalog.” They say that t-shirts for a cause is not only a great way to show support, but they are fun! When asked about making the shirts overseas, production manager, Devin Walker replied, “Sure, we could make these cheaper in China, but we chose not to for a good reason: we care about equality! All our shirts are MADE in the U.S.A. at a gay friendly workplace in Los Angeles by a diverse, LGBT-friendly team of wonderful people. It isn’t just a job for us... it’s a mission.”

Back in the day, it was common to say we were gay when feeling good about something. Let’s feel good about the word gay again. Remember, telling someone you are “gay for” something shouldn’t change the way they feel about you, but it might change they way they feel about the word GAY. We can make gay a word that is synonymous with lighthearted and carefree again. No matter what your sexual orientation, you too can be gay for something.

The future is uncertain. we need to fight for the rights of all of our l.g.b.t. Citizens. Now is the time to stand up, speak out, and show your support for those rights! To help with that, GayForShirts.com is pledging to donate $1 from every shirt sold to g.l.a.a.d., so we can keep the progress going. Be proud of our achievements even while we fight on!

Press Contact: Adam Brown / adam@vossvisuals.com

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