Local Author Sends New Fictional Hero to His Home Town!


Local Author Sends New Fictional Hero to His Home Town!

Novelists are often told to write about what they know, and that's precisely what Olathe author James L. Weaver did in his new thriller Poor Boy Road.

Although not a leg breaker for the mob like his protagonist Jake Caldwell, the book's title and setting for his novel, Poor Boy Road, is an actual road in Warsaw, Missouri, and a place Weaver knows only too well.

Poor Boy Road, published by Lakewater Press on March 21, 2016, tells the story of Jake, a mob enforcer who, with every bone snap and scream, realizes he's turning into the one person he never wanted to become—his father. But when offered a way out, Jake has no choice but to return to his home town, and to face the dark ghosts of old. With two things on his mind—bury his dying father and track down murderous drug lord Shane Langston—Jake unwillingly becomes mixed up in a web of murder, meth and kidnapping. With the clock ticking on his own life, Jake and his childhood best friend Bear, the local Sheriff, race through the Warsaw countryside, and on to Poor Boy Road.

Weaver says of his novel: "I have to admit I really struggled with the title for this one. I had about three-fourths of the book completed and took another trip to Warsaw, Missouri for a little inspirational research.

"In one of the first few chapters, Jake travels down a country road to the very real Turkey Creek Cemetery where a number of his, and not coincidentally, my family members are buried.

"As I walked amongst the tombstones, the name of the road struck me as a great title for the book—Poor Boy Road."

Weaver, who now makes his home in Olathe, KS, with his wife of 18 years and two children, assures us a lot of the story is most definitely not based on his life.

"I originally crafted the story with a fake town name of Cranston, but figured that plenty of novels take place in real cities. Why not Warsaw?

"Though scenic, drugs, especially meth, are a very real problem its citizens must deal with. Jake’s father, Stony, is an abusive alcoholic who is nothing like my father, but is an exaggeration of stories I’ve heard about my grandfather who I never met.

"So, I’ve never been a leg breaker for the mob or had to endure any of the things Jake did, but there are smatterings of some real life in there that were exaggerated for the purposes of the book."

Weaver is hopeful Jake Caldwell will be sticking around as a new entertaining hero in the crime thriller genre for many more novels to come.

"I’m currently editing the stand-alone sequel to Poor Boy Road titled Ares Road. I’m afraid that Jake and his friends are going to find themselves in a bit of trouble in Kansas City with some very large stakes hanging in the balance.

"This one is a bit faster paced than Poor Boy Road and I think the readers are going to enjoy it."

Weaver's previous publishing credits include a six-part story called "The Nuts" and his 5-star rated debut novel Jack & Diane available on Amazon.com.

His limited free time is spent writing into the wee hours of the morning, playing parental taxi cab to his kids' sporting endeavors, and binge watching Netflix.

Poor Boy Road was published on March 21 and has been a big hit with early reviewers, earning the comments: "Completely enthralling" and "A superb story—5 stars", and about the main character: "Jake Caldwell is a complex and intriguing character who transcends the thriller genre."

A launch party is taking place at Austin's Bar & Grill in Olathe on March 26 from 5–8pm, where Weaver will be signing copies of Poor Boy Road.

The novel is available to buy as both an e-book and paperback from Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble amongst many other retailers.

For a review copy of Poor Boy Road visit http://lakewaterpress.com

For more information about Poor Boy Road or to interview James L. Weaver contact Kate Foster by email at contact@lakewaterpress.com

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