Kansas City Children’s Author Says Imagination is Taken for Granted

Local children’s author Angel Krishna uses her imagination every day when dreaming up her new books, and she believes imagination is something we need to cultivate from a very young age. “We take "imagination" for granted,” Krishna says. “We need to encourage our children to use their thoughts and imagination on a daily basis. You can't think without using your imagination. Think about it.”

Angel Krishna believes in teaching children positive habits in a fun and easy way through her storybooks.

Her first book, Monkeys and Crocodiles Play Baseball, is about communication and friendship. “Communication should always be encouraged with children,” says Krishna. “For that to happen, you must make sure children are at ease when speaking to you. It’s a must to make children feel they’re not going to be in trouble and feel one hundred percent comfortable when communicating their feelings on positive and negative matters.”

For the holidays, Angel Krishna has released The Gu-Glee-Goos of Christmas, a tale about magical creatures who fix breaks and clean up messes left behind by the household pets. When asked what inspired the creation of the Gu-Glee-Goos Krishna says, “When my kids were very young, I would chase them around the house in a fun way and call them my little Gu-Glee-Goos. This all started around Christmas time, and I decided to write this book because I would tell the story about how the Gu-Glee-Goos were helpful and how kindness goes a long way!”

About Angel Krishna Angel Krishna is a fun-loving mom, a great friend and wife with a silly side, who believes that imagination is a gift. Angel encourages parents to listen to their children and to communicate with an open mind and a full heart. She reminds herself and those around her to enjoy life, always move forward, and be creative.

Angel Krishna Storybooks Both Monkeys and Crocodiles Play Baseball and The Gu-Glee-Goos of Christmas are available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords in both print and eBook formats.

Angel Krishna is available for interviews, appearances, and other features. Contact Angel Krishna by visiting adkstorybooks.com. You can also find her on Facebook at facebook.com/angelstorybooks and on Twitter at @angelkrishna2.

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