Let Me Run is Ready to Race Through Kansas City

What is Let Me Run?

Let Me Run is preparing boys for the long run. It is a non-profit running program for 4th through 8th grade boys, but it is more about the boy than the run. We use running as a means to achieve our three main objectives:

  1. for boys to be comfortable with who they are and appreciate the greatness within themselves,

  2. for boys to appreciate the qualities of others and learn how to build strong positive relationships, and

  3. for boys to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

Let Me Run is crucial for all boys regardless of their socioeconomic status or their athletic ability. Society has developed a “boy code” in which boys are expected to act and be a certain way, which restricts who they are as individuals. Let Me Run wants their individuality to shine.

We’ve learned that if you give boys the opportunity to be themselves, they will run with it!

Let Me Run Founder, Ashley Armistead had two young boys when she began witnessing the “boy code” in action. Dr. William Pollack, associate clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard University and an advisor to Let Me Run, authored Real Boys, in which he describes how, as a result of the “boy code,” boys “develop a ‘mask of masculinity’ to hide their shame, vulnerability and other feelings they cannot express publicly. The inability to show true emotions hardens a boy until he loses touch with them.” Ashley founded Let Me Run to give boys the opportunity to grow physically through running, and to grow socially, learning how to express their emotions and understand others’ emotions.

Let Me Run was first piloted at Liberty Oaks Elementary in Kansas City in fall of 2013. Since then, there has been a total of 13 teams and approximately 140 boys that have participated in Let Me Run in the Kansas City region. Let Me Run is now ready to expand at a faster rate and reach many more boys in the Kansas City Metro area. There will be a coaches training session on August 15 from 9:00am – 12:30pm at Liberty Christian Fellowship in Liberty, MO. If you have any interest in bringing this program to your school contact Heidi McCormick at letmerunkc@gmail.com.

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