Jane Walton Consulting offers new strategies, programs for effective leadership

WHY ARE THE JELLYFISH TAKING OVER? CHANGING HOW BUSINESSES THINK ABOUT BUSINESS Local thought leader offers new strategies, programs for effective leadership (Kansas City, MO), May 1, 2014 – Jane Walton Consulting LLC announces a new series of leadership, management and employee professional development programs for 2014, with an important and ambitious goal: changing the way businesses operate. “Companies can't thrive when employees aren't thriving,” said president and founder Jane Walton. “We need to get back to the basics: a strong vision, clear and meaningful business practices, and leaders who help employees connect with the vision and find their niche within the organization.” As a long-time HR and leadership development professional, Jane knew something needed to change in corporate America. She noticed that companies were getting off course in ways that negatively affected employees, their families and our communities.

Jane committed herself to influence change by shining a light on the larger systemic issues many corporations are facing. To do this, she started her own company focused on helping leaders, managers and their employees. “The more I saw the situations people faced, and how they were responding, the image that came to mind was jellyfish,” Walton said. “Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over?” draws parallels between corporate environments and natural ecosystems. She believes that when things are operating smoothly, everyone prospers, but if they are thrown out of balance, some ideas or groups ‘take over’ to the detriment of the organization. Walton, a 20-year leadership and organizational development veteran, says the ecosystem comparison resonates with professionals at all levels within a company. “Everyone wants to contribute their talents, and have those contributions be recognized,” Walton said. “When communication or operational systems are broken or dysfunctional, it's hard for leaders to lead, and harder for employees to understand how to succeed individually or support the company's success.” Program offerings include a keynote presentation for large groups or events; an interactive workshop for management groups, departments or teams; and an in-depth “leadership essentials” training sequence focused on helping leaders become more effective in managing employees while also realizing their own professional goals. To learn more about “Why Are the Jellyfish Taking Over?” professional development programs, go to: http://www.janewaltonconsulting.com.

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About Jane Walton Consulting: Jane Walton Consulting was founded to help companies, their leaders, and their employees work differently – and think differently about work – by challenging beliefs about what practices are “best,” what works and what doesn’t, to make organizations successful and sustainable. About Jane: Described as an executive’s lifeline and as the “Obi-Wan Kenobi” of leadership advising, she helps leaders simplify and proactively focus their efforts on solutions that will ensure sustainable long-term success. If you would like more information, please contact Jane Walton at 816-898-6929 or email at jane@janewaltonconsulting.com

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