Local Tech Company Wins Nationwide RuleBreaker Award

LENEXA, KANSAS, May 23, 2014 – JASON McANINCH, PRESIDENT, J-TEK has been named one of the 15 winners in the RuleBreaker awards. The unconventional awards program, sponsored by Nextiva, Skype and Constant Contact, celebrates entrepreneurs who ignore conventional wisdom, take the path less traveled and break all the rules in their pursuit of success.

Jason McAninch and J-TEK will be honored at an awards ceremony June 10th at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York City. One grand-prize winner will also be chosen from among the category winners at that time.

J-TEK was a finalist in the Technology Provider, Under $1M in Sales category.

The complete list of winners is:

• Service Provider, Under $1M in Sales: Casey Bankford of Slimbooks, www.slimbooks.com, whose slim books break the rules of publishing

• (Tie) Simeon Schnapper of Youtopia, www.youtopia.com, which provides digital rewards for students

• Service Provider, $1M-$5M in Sales: Mike Beirne of Vetted Capital, www.vettedcapital.com, which invests in veteran-led businesses

• Service Provider, Over $5M in Sales: Mike Agugliaro of Gold Medal Service, www.goldmedalservice.com, which provides home services

• Technology Provider, Under $1M in Sales: Jason McAninch of J-TEK, www.gojtek.com, a tech support company

• Technology Provider, $1M-$5M in Sales: Tom Dent of ICLOPS, www.iclops.com, which provides technology solutions for health care providers

• (Tie) Shelley Armato of My Smart Plans, www.mysmartplans.com, project management software for construction companies

• Technology Provider, Over $5M in Sales: Mitch Rothschild of Vitals, www.vitals.com, which helps consumers find health care providers

• Retailers, Under $1M in Sales: Christina Daves of Cast Medic Designs, www.castmedicdesigns, which creates fashion casts

• Retailers, $1M-$5M in Sales: Robert Blackwell of Killer Spin, www.killerspin.com, which designs and sells innovative table tennis products

• Retailers, Over $5M in Sales: Ben Sayers of VoIP supply, www.voipsupply.com, an online retailer of VoIP products

• Manufacturer, Under $1M in Sales: William Brimstone Kucmierowski of Hound Comics, www.houndcomics.com, a publishing company

• (Tie) Kristin Elliott of Doodie Pack, www.doodiepack.com, which manufactures dog backpacks

• Manufacturer, $1M-$5M in Sales: Ross Evans of Xtracycle, www.xtracycle.com, which manufactures cargo bikes

“We’re proud to honor entrepreneurs who have succeeded by doing it their way,” said Rieva Lesonsky, CEO of GrowBiz Media and a co-host of the RuleBreaker Awards.

“Choosing the finalists was a difficult decision,” said co-host Mike Michalowicz, author of The Pumpkin Plan. “It was inspiring to discover so many entrepreneurs revolutionizing their industries.”

“All of our Rulebreakers have one thing in common: They’re passionate about making a difference in business,” said co-host Barry Moltz, author of How to Get Unstuck.

For more information about the contest, visit http://www.rulebreakerawards.com.

ABOUT J-TEK: J-TEK is a technology support firm headquartered in Lenexa, Kansas. The company focuses on proactive technology support and maintenance for select small to medium sized businesses. In addition, the company serves the consumers by offering cutting-edge technology support, advice and setup to clients nationwide.

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