6th District Congressional Challenge

Photos For Future Generations - Make Brian Walk

Brian L. Tharp, the candidate for Missouri’s 6th Congressional District, announced a challenge today for voters in Missouri’s 6th Congressional District: to share photos of their future generations and commit to vote in the Primary election on August 5th.

“If parents and grandparents who live in the District submit over 10,000 photos of their future generations to our Facebook page: Brian L. Tharp for Congress Missouri District 6, along with a commitment to vote in the election on August 5th, 2014, and we win in the Primary, I will walk across the district from river to river carrying a cross a good friend of mine made,” said Brian.

Brian said he is doing this to emphasize the importance of participating in our democracy, getting control of our government and fighting for our future generations. Our government is teetering on the brink of a financial disaster. With over $17.5 trillion dollars in government debt, the highest disapproval ratings of congress in history and more money influencing politicians than ever before, we must rise up and regain control of our government for our future generations. We must stand up and protect life, the constitution and most of all our children’s freedoms and their futures.

Take a stand, post your photos, vote and make Brian walk.

For more information, please contact brian@tharpforcongress or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/briantharpforcongress or their campaign website at www.tharpforcongress.com

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