Tallgrass Creek Residents/Staff Rescue Four Kittens in Overland Park, KS

OVERLAND PARK, KS (April 21, 2014) -- A litter of four kittens -- two males and two females -- has been rescued by residents and staff at Talllgrass Creek retirement community in Overland Park. The kittens are said by a local veterinarian to be four weeks old. They are now being cared for as they seek their forever homes.

The kitten rescue has been a labor of love:

A resident, pediatrician Dr. Don Blim, noticed the kittens yesterday and promptly notified security officer David Gregory, who then notified the Front Desk, which notified Sales Director Deborah Messmer, a lifelong animal lover who happened to be Manager on Duty for the day.

Residents and staff surrounded the kittens -- "oohing and aahing" over them in lobby. One resident, Trudy Brown (pictured in photo) held one of the kittens just as a caring grandmother might do with a newborn baby.

The kittens were kept warm in a box as Beth Schultz, the daughter of resident Ruth West, went to a nearby pet store to get a baby bottle and formula for the kittens. The kittens have since been seen by a local veterinarian and have been deemed to be healthy. They will be spayed and neutered.

Schultz has adopted one of the kittens. Messmer, whose pets include a 13-year-old tuxedo cat and a one-year old miniature dachshund, took the other kittens home.

Messmer will adopt one of the kittens, a friend will adopt another, and the remaining kitten will stay with Messmer until a forever home is found.

"Every day more than 10,000 animals are put to sleep because the shelters are too full. These four precious angels will have a new lease on life, thanks to Dr. Blim," said Messmer.

Anyone interested in adopting the remaining kitten should email Messmer at: Deborah.messmer@erickson.com

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