Dan Martinez, candidate for U.S. Senate in Kansas, speaks on Dr. Milton Wolf's patient care theory

Dan Martinez For U.S. Senate speaks on Dr. Wolf's Patient Care Theory

Dan Martinez CEO of ICC Underwriters, an organization that defends doctors for medical malpractice, speaks out on Dr. Milton Wolf’s PatientCare theory.

Dan says “after reading Dr. Wolf Patient Care…. Patient – Centered, Market – driven healthcare, Dr. Wolf has lost touch with reality and is living in a different world.”

The mere fact that Dr. Wolf even thinks he is an authoritarian in healthcare insurance places him in the category of delusion. First of all, in medical school, insurance is not taught ,nor, has Dr. Wolf worked In the insurance industry to ever be taken seriously as a authoritarian on healthcare matters as it pertains to insurance.

This concerns me that Dr. Wolf is giving false promises or ideas to the people of Kansas in order to gain votes. Adolf Hitler comes to mind. Though Dr. Wolf’s whining of the healthcare system are well written, he is in some other world and brings laughter to professionals in the insurance industry.

Dr. Wolf depends on insurance for income in his practice and it stands to reason he is attempting to gain favoritism from the insurance industry. The insurance industry looks at Dr. Wolf as a fool, but, will use a fool's ambition to make more money off the people of Kansas and will continue to cut doctors reimbursement cost for medical care and continue to raise doctor's malpractice insurance based on Doctor Wolf's Patient Care Theory.

Not to take anything away from Dr. Wolf, and he certain deserves respect as a Doctor who went to medical school and graduated, Dr. Wolf would best serve the people of Kansas as a Doctor, not as a senator attempting to regulate or anticipate the market of the insurance industry with his lack of education and discernment.

In my professional opinion, Dr. Wolf is worse than Kathleen Sebelius and I sued her because she was not qualified to be an insurance commissioner. It took the ACA to convince America that Kathleen Sebelius was indeed not qualified. Doctor Wolf created his own train wreck and for all that are on board. ICC Underwriters and Dan Martinez will pass on Doctor Wolf PatientCare Theory as it is in the category of delusion.

To read about Dr. Wolf Click on PatientCare Patient-centered, market-driven healthcare http://www.miltonwolf.com/patientcare/

If you have any questions contact Dan Martinez For U.S. Senate @ 1 (316) 683-0170 or e- mail dan@insuranceclamsconsult.com; I will be happy to discuss this matter with a concerned public voter.

By Dan Martinez

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