7th Annual Human Form Show

Hilliard Gallery presents The 7th Annual Human Form Show

Because art is a means of communicating human experiences, human bodies are naturally depicted. The figurative form can be used as the ideal medium to convey a spectrum of ideas with which the viewer can resonate. The human figure has always been a common subject of visual art, "it forces the viewer to engage the artwork and enables the artist to express an entire range of ideas from the subtle to the intense". In the history of art the human figure bears, in different ways and through different periods in time, a huge significance, being the most direct means by which art can address the human condition. The show will open on the First Friday, April 4th and runs through May 23rd, with the opening reception 6-9pm. The show now in its seventh year has become increasingly popular each year, not only in the artwork submitted but in the attendance and reviews for the show. The Human form show seeks to showcase the best artwork, selected not only from the Midwest area but through out the United States and from other countries. Finding artistic and beauty in the human form is only natural and this show will showcase some of the best work doing just that. Artist included in the show are; Mary Chiaramonte, Bob Clyatt, Louis Copt, Christopher Frye, Elena Evanoff, Debra Fritts, Janet McKenzie, Margot Lovinger , Michael Nolan, Vanessa Lacey, Meredith Rose, William Rose, Cheryl Tall, Nate Trotter, Cynthia Siegel, Paul Rybarczyk, Eric Wallis, and Jeff Wack. Contact Bob Swearengin, Hilliard Gallery, 1820 McGee, Knasas City, Mo. 64108. Gallery Hours Tue-Fri 10-5, Sat 12-4. 816.561.2956, www.hilliardgallery.com

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