The Second American Revolution Is Tentatively Scheduled for Nov. 4th

For immediate release:

(Independence, Missouri) On Monday, March 24th, I (Winston Apple) filed the necessary paperwork in Jefferson City to place my name on the ballot for the Democratic primary to be held on August 5th. I am running for a seat in the Missouri House representing the 29th District.

This Saturday, March 29th, at 2 p.m., I will be hosting a “Health Care for All” event for to protest the refusal of Republicans in the General Assembly to accept the Medicaid funds that 193,000 Missourians living in poverty were meant to receive with the passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

This rally and march (“A Single Step”) will be held at Sycamore Hills Park (three blocks north of 39th and Haden in Independence).

The bulk of the event will be a free concert featuring Allen Blasco and Emily Tummons. Additional performers are likely to be added. We will interrupt the music for a few minutes at approximately 2:30 p.m. for a few short speeches including my inaugural campaign speech. At the conclusion of my remarks, I will lead a short march (a single step).

I will admit here at the outset that my ambitions are grander than simply representing the 29th House District here in Missouri, because the problems we face as a state and as a nation are much larger than the 29th District in Missouri.

And I want to be among those who unite to belatedly address those problems: massive long-term unemployment; the slow pace of our conversion to clean, renewable energy; the continuing rise in the cost of health care; and a tax system that is complicated beyond comprehension and in dire need of being replaced with a simpler and fairer system.

My success in that endeavor will not matter much unless lots of other candidates who agree with me also win their elections. That is why I will not limit my campaign activities to the 29th District in Missouri. I want to share my ideas for addressing our problems. I want to discuss and debate them with voters and other candidates across America. I want to modify my proposals based on feedback from voters and other candidates and hopefully reach consensus on a platform that is supported by a majority of Americans and legislators at both the federal and state level. Once we reach such a consensus, we can make meaningful progress toward solving our most vexing problems.

I hope to convince my fellow Americans that it is time for a Second American Revolution, using ballots instead of bullets. We do not have to risk our lives to change the nature and the direction of our government. We only have to wake up, wise up, come together and vote.

The Second American Revolution is tentatively scheduled for November 4th of this year. Contrary to earlier reports, the Revolution WILL be televised.

For additional information contact: Winston Apple e-mail: Phone: (816) 373-0589


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