Wendy’s of Missouri Franchisee expands reach


Media contact: Eve Metheny Director of Brand Marketing emetheny@hamraenterprises.com

Wendy’s of Missouri Franchisee expands reach Franchisee acquired six restaurants in Kansas City area

Springfield, MO – February 18, 2014 – Wendy’s of Missouri acquired six Wendy’s restaurants in Kansas City from P & H Holdings, L.L.C. on Tuesday, February 18, 2014.

• 10548 Parallel (Speedway), Kansas City, Missouri • 9800 Northwest Prairie (Tiffany Springs), Kansas City, Kansas* • 4201 N. Corrington Ave. (Worlds of Fund), Kansas City, Missouri* • 1208 Armour Rd., N. Kansas City, Missouri* • 3 Victory Drive, Liberty, MO • 1400 Platte Falls Rd., Platte City, MO

*Serves Breakfast

P & H Holdings operated five Wendy’s restaurants since 2007 and added the Platte City location in 2011. Living the values of Wendy’s founder Dave Thomas is critical to both Wendy’s of Missouri and P & H. Both share the same value to provide guests with an exceptional dining experience embraced by the quality of the food, friendly staff and modern facilities.

“This is an exciting opportunity for us as it provides us with an opportunity to expand our footprint in the Kansas City market,” said Mike Hamra, President & CEO of Hamra Enterprises. “We’ve been successfully growing the Wendy’s business as a Franchisee with a relentless focus on quality, service, cleanliness, and, above all, people."

In recent years, Wendy’s of Missouri, led by President Chuck Ocarz, has been aggressive in rebuilding and remodeling stores, which have supported same-store restaurant sales increases for 13 consecutive years.

Since 1975, Sam Hamra, Founder and Chairman of Hamra Enterprises has instilled in his employees the ideas, standards and culture of doing things “Dave’s Way.” He embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of being one of Wendy’s very first Franchisees and is thrilled to be adding stores in the Kansas City market. In addition to Sam being inducted into The Wendy’s Company “Hall of Fame” in 2013, his Franchise received the “Dave Thomas Founder’s Award” for being named the “Outstanding Franchisee of the Year in 2009.”

The Hamra name has a great lineage in Wendy’s history – with Sam, Jerry and John – all running individual franchises (John in Kansas City and Jerry in Arkansas) in the 70’s and 80’s. Sam’s late brother Jerry, also won the “Dave Thomas Founder’s Award” and was inducted into “Wendy’s Hall of Fame.” “We are very pleased to be adding stores in Kansas City to our Franchise group that were once owned and operated by my late cousin, John Hamra,” said Sam Hamra.

About “R. David Thomas Founders Award” The “R. David Thomas Founders Award” is presented each year to the “Outstanding Wendy’s® Franchisee” of the year as determined by The Wendy’s Company. There are 6,600 Wendy’s restaurants worldwide which are owned and operated by 450 Franchisee organizations and by The Wendy’s Company.

About The Wendy’s Company “Hall of Fame Award” Wendy’s® “Hall of Fame” honorees who receive The Wendy’s Company “Hall of Fame Award” annually, are Wendy’s Franchisees and Wendy’s key company employees who are recognized for their extraordinary efforts and significant achievements in support of the Wendy’s system.

About Wendy’s of Missouri Wendy’s of Missouri, Inc. is a Wendy’s Franchisee; owned by the Hamra Family and operated by Hamra Enterprises is headquartered in Springfield and currently has 28 restaurants, including eight locations in Springfield, three locations in Branson, two locations in Jefferson City and Columbia, and one location in Bolivar, Ozark, Nixa, Lebanon, St. Robert, Rolla, Fulton, Lake Ozark, Clinton Republic, Sedalia, Harrisonville, and Warrensburg.

For more information, visit www.wendysofMissouri.com or contact Eve Metheny, Director of Brand Marketing, 630-710-7222, emetheny@hamraenterprises.com.


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