Dry Erase Paint produced by Kansas City startup

Expressions Dry Erase Paint is a paint which, once applied to a wall surface, easily removes markings left by everything from regular dry erase markers to low-odor markers and even removes markings left by permanent marker and spray paint! The quality and durability of Expressions Dry Erase paint is what separates our brand from other in-store dry erase paints. Expressions backs their product up with a remarkable life-time warranty on all their dry erase paint products.

Expressions also offers its clients exactly what they need when it comes to purchasing a dry erase paint. Expressions is available in either a 2-Part Home kit or 1-Part Professional kit. Both kits are available in either white or transparent (clear). The transparent stands out because it allows the user to apply the paint right over a pre-existing wall color or company logo and use the top coatings as a dry erase paint surface.

The 2-Part dry erase paint is perfect for home installers and DIYers alike and is safe (0 V.O.C.) enough to be applied in kids rooms or home offices. The 1-Part Professional units are yet another distinction between Expressions Dry Erase Paint and their competition, as 1-Part is not yet available in stores. The 1-Part professional units give contractors and professional installers a longer time to apply the dry erase paint and is also an indoor/outdoor product, making it a better and easier product to install.

Along with the quality and versatility of the Expressions Dry Erase Paint product line, their prices fall under their top competitor at only $150 for 50 sq. ft. of coverage (compared to the $200+ price tag for Ideapaint). Expressions Dry Erase Paint is currently seeking expansion into brick-and-mortars and will hopefully be available in a store near you. For now however, you can buy Expressions Dry Erase Paint online at their store page at www.ExpressionsDryErasePaint.com

ABOUT EXPRESSIONS DRY ERASE PAINT: Expressions was founded in 2013 by Blake Edwards. Expressions Dry Erase Paint is proudly manufactured in the Kansas City Metro. Expressions mission was to deliver a dry erase paint which was affordable and superior in writing quality. In order to do this, a paint had to be manufactured which would not only look awesome in any room but would also have to match style with quality fitting for any home, business, or school purpose. When the paint was to the standard of removing markings such as permanent marker, spray paint, and low-odor markers, Edwards new the he had a product worth sharing. Expressions continues to grow as it offers top-of-the-line paints which include 1-Part Professional kits and also transparency paint to match the consumers desires. We continue to strive to meet the needs of the end user and love being ‘your #1 dry erase paint company’!

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