Lawrence computer repair business denies service to all customers in Valentine's Day protest against anti-gay Kansas 'religious freedom' bill


Lawrence Computer Repair Business Denies Service To All Customers in Valentine's Day Protest Against Anti-Gay Kansas "Religious Freedom" Bill Lawrence, Kansas - February 13, 2014

Computer repair firm DoctorDave, of Lawrence, Kansas has announced it plans to deny service for all customers on Valentine's Day protest against Kansas House Bill 2453, which would allow businesses and government agencies to deny services to and openly discriminate against any Kansas citizen by claiming "religious freedom."

According to DoctorDave owner David Greenbaum "Denying customers service is bad for business and bad for the Kansas economy. Our legislature should be encouraging companies to do business in and with Kansans.” In particular he is concerned that government employees are also going to be allowed to deny vital services to Kansas citizens.

DoctorDave Computer Repair technicians do not deny service to customers because of personal beliefs nor does his team inquire or question about customers’ political or religious affiliations. However, he is closing for one day equally denying service to all customers as a tangible protest against HB2453 and to remind others what it feels like to be turned away. Greenbaum encourages other businesses to let their customers know they treat all people equally and fairly.

HB2453 still needs to pass the Kansas Senate before becoming law and Kansas, at least for now, is still open for business. Greenbaum is urging his clients and vendors, as well as anyone in Kansas opposed to the bill to go to to look up their state Senator. "Bills like HB2453 are bad for business as well as being bad for human rights" said Greenbaum. "Please contact your Kansas state Senator to make your opinion known that discrimination is bad for Kansas."


Dave Greenbaum 4105 West 6th Street, Suite B6 Lawrence KS 66049 785-218-9676

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