Kansas City Sex Therapy Practice, Turner Professional Group, Will Speak at KU Med on Life After Cancer: Enhancing Your Love Life

For Immediate Release Media Contact: George Turner, PhD, LSCSW/LCSW, CEO Turner Professional Group (TPG) Direct: 816-931-8255 or george@turnerprofessionalgroup.com

Changes to sexual well-being after cancer are very common and these side effects have multiple causes. Often overlooked is the monumental impact this can have on a relationship. Both couples and dating individuals can see their relationships deteriorate during treatment. Left unchecked the emotional and psychological stress erodes even the best of relationships. Your sex life is a quality of life issue and everyone deserves the emotional and physical pleasure associated with closeness, connection and happiness. This discussion will help participants learn how to improve their sexual well-being and is open to men and women as well as supporters.

Title: Sexual Side Effects and Emotional Well-Being Date: February 6, 2014 Day:Thursday, Time:11:00am- 12:00pm Location: The University of Kansas Cancer Center - Overland Park Registration Info: To register for this program please call 913-588-1227. You can also register online at https://wellness.kumed.com

Certified sex therapist and psychotherapist, Lisa Meyers, will facilitate the discussion on reconnecting to sexual pleasure after cancer. Lisa, a doctoral candidate (Widener University) stated, "Surviving cancer can often be a tough journey, maintaining a healthy sexual life is not a luxury, but critical to a quality life. Our connection to our romantic partners can be rejuvenating during treatment and afterwards.” Cancer survivors and their partners, who often become care givers struggle managing the physical and emotional rollercoaster of their health care. Too often all the focus is just on the physical healing. Dr. George Turner added, "But no one goes through cancer without emotional and relational stress. Once a person's medical care is over; then they begin the arduous journey of rebuilding a life - one that yearns for a full and rich sexual and relational component - thats where a sex therapist comes in. We help re-kindle that spark."

Dr. George Turner and Lisa Meyers routinely speak on sexual wellness and living a more balanced stress-free life. They are trained relationship and marriage clinicians at Turner Professional Group, (www.turnerprofessionalgroup.com), a holistic private practice located at 4010 Washington, Kansas City, Mo. providing sexual health, relationship enrichment, and personal wellness.

For more information, contact: George Turner, PhD, LSCSW/LCSW 4010 Washington, Suite 405 Kansas City, MO 64111 Telephone: (816) 931-8255 Web: www.turnerprofessionalgroup.com Email: George@turnerprofessionalgroup.com

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