Cheers to Kansas City’s Blow Dry Bar Industry! Time to Pick Your Poison

There are no scissors or dyes needed for Kansas City’s latest beauty trend. Women simply sit down and choose between names like a Cosmopolitan or a Chocolate Martini. These aren’t actual alcoholic drinks. They’re hairstyles at Tease Premier Salon & Blow Dry Bar, newly opened in Kansas City’s Westport District at 211 Westport Road.

The customer base is swelling for new kinds of blow dry bars like Tease. Booming chains on the East and West coasts have drawn in women who want to feel like stars and squeeze a little pampering into their busy days. Now, the beauty trend is quickly making its way here to Kansas City. Instead of simply coming in for a cut and color, blow dry bars offer an affordable luxury to women. Their locks are washed and blow-dried into straight, wavy or other stylish hairdos.

At Tease, customers can choose between fun hairstyles such as:

-Cosmopolitan, straight with a little bit of volume

-Chocolate Martini, sleek and smooth

-Lemon Drop, sweet with a partial flip

-Hot Toddy, short and sweet

Blow dry bars offer an experience. Many women say there’s nothing better than the feeling of having someone blow dry and style your hair. The businesses offer a fun place where friends, housewives, CEOs, and children can relax, chat, and come out feeling like a new person all for about $40. There’s no better way to start your bachelorette party, girls’ night out or wedding event. There’s no better place for your bridal shower, sweet sixteen or birthday bash.

About Tease Premier Salon & Blow Dry Bar Located in Kansas City's historic Westport area, Tease Premier Salon and Blow Dry Bar is an edgy beauty salon offering a wide variety of premier beauty services and experiences. At Tease, we are committed to making sure that your every visit brings about a boost of confidence. Our beauty specialists "Tease" to please!

For more information about this new trend or Tease, please contact Amy Crouch, Stylist 211 Westport Rd Kansas City, MO 64111 (816) 756-5606

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