Free Children's Dental Cleanings

Press Release / News Tip Contact: Tacie Diehl 816-452-2000 Event Date- February 1, 2014

Northland dentist Robert G. Marx began Have a Heart Day, one Saturday in February, 26 years ago to provide free dental cleanings and full dental exams for the children of the community who need dental care but who have been unable to receive regular dental care. There have been many other dentist to follow Dr. Marx’s’ lead over the past 26 years and with that many children are being helped in our community.

With the economy greatly impacting families’ ability to provide dental care for their children. Families at the margins have always been at risk, but now it is not just the less fortunate who are struggling. There is a group of underserved families in this community that Dr. Marx is also reaching out to. Those who are fortunate enough to be in positions to help need to do all they can to ease this burden, since it is the children who will suffer otherwise.

Northland dentist Robert G. Marx will be performing free cleanings and full dental exams for children Saturday, February 1st at his office to kick off National Dental Health month.

In February each year for the past 25 years (this will be our 26th), Dr. Marx has provided this service for the children of the community who need dental care but who have been unable to receive regular dental care. This year we have 130 appointments already set, and the “Standby List” is growing. Each child will get a professional teeth cleaning, X-rays and a thorough oral exam, along with a toothbrush, toothpaste and other goodies donated by local merchants. Those needing treatment will be scheduled back for future appointments at no cost to their parents.

In efforts to make this a non “scary” visit for the children, Pinky Lee the Clown will be making custom made balloon creations for each child to entertain the them before their visit. KC Wolf from the Kansas City Chiefs will also be here to entertain the families.

Dr. Marx calls this day of service “Have a Heart Day”, making the connection between National Children’s Dental Health Month and Valentines Day. Since beginning Have a Heart Day in 1989, Dr. Marx has treated more than 2,500 deserving children, and countless cavities have been filled.


Where: 5708 North Broadway, Gladstone.

When: 2/01/14 7:30 am – 12:30 pm.

Why: Dr. Marx likes to help people. He wants children to have a positive attitude toward dentistry. Also, he knows that sometimes parents need a little help.

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