Rental equipment saves Kansas City hospitals time, money

(Lenexa, KS) – On Call Surgical, a company that provides state of the art lasers and surgical equipment to hospitals and surgery centers on a per procedure rental basis, was the first to introduce the BK ProArt Ultrasound Probe ( into the Kansas City marketplace in 2013. The Advanced Robotic Technology (ART) is part of Analogic Corporation’s BK Medical Ultrasound Systems. The “drop in” intra abdominal ultrasound probe is predominantly used for precise location of kidney tumors during robotic-assisted partial kidney removal. This technology allows for improved outcomes because the surgeon can control the probe to do minimally invasive procedures to treat more difficult and complex tumors and no longer has to rely on an assistant to provide ultrasound imaging.

On Call Surgical (, based in Lenexa, KS with offices in Indiana, Oklahoma, and Texas, provides the BK ProArt Ultrasound on a per procedure rental basis, and is currently the only provider of this technology in Kansas City. Dr. Christian Hettinger of Kansas City Urology Care said “On Call Surgical provides state-of-the-art surgical equipment, like the “drop in” intra abdominal ultrasound probe for robotic procedures. On Call Surgical has proved to be an extremely dependable resource for my surgical procedures, providing outstanding equipment, technicians, and service."

By utilizing On Call Surgical’s turnkey rental service, customers are able to access the latest technology, along with certified technicians who are on hand to program the equipment during surgery. Customers are able to eliminate such hidden costs as maintenance, cost of capital, staffing and obsolescence of equipment. At the same time, On Call Surgical provides hospitals and surgery centers the ability to offer emerging technologies like the BK ProArt Ultrasound Probe to their patients sooner rather than later, as well as providing the ability to treat a wider range of conditions.

For additional information about On Call Surgical and the BK ProArt Ultrasound Probe, please contact Tom Feiden, President and CEO, at 913-579-6862 or send him an e-mail at

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