Next Mad Science® Crazy School's Out Science Fun session offered on Feb. 17

Come spend a no-school day learning how wedges, screws, and levers help us in our daily lives during a program for ages six through 12 being offered at the Prairie Village Community Center on Feb. 17.

This program is called Machine Mania and is part of a Mad Science® Crazy School's Out Science Fun program being offered by the Johnson County Park & Recreation District in conjunction with Mad Science®, a private science education firm. This program will feature hands-on science activities. Students will run an obstacle course and use teamwork to learn how useful simple machines can be. The wheel and axle, pulleys, levers, wedges, and inclined planes are all part of the program. Students will discover the three classes of levers, the use of the fulcrum, and investigate the relationship between the forces of balance, gravity and friction. They will observe the awesome power of pneumatics and hydraulics, participate in a pincher relay, experiment with pulley systems, construct a miniature catapult to take home, and see how combining simple machines can be used to create complex machines such as robots.

To find this program in the JCPRD’s Activities catalog and online listings, browse first under youth and then under enrichment & special interests. In the printed catalog and when using the website’s advanced search, look for the keyword “discovery.”

Machine Mania will take place beginning at 9 a.m. on Monday, Feb. 17, at the Prairie Village Community Center, 7720 Mission Road, Prairie Village. The cost for one seven-hour session at a cost of $58 per person for Johnson County residents or $64 per person for nonresidents. Participants should bring a sack lunch and a water bottle. Preregistration is required and this program usually fills quickly.

The next Mad Science® Crazy School's Out Science Fun program is a spring break offered on March 17 through 21 called "Secret Agent Camp." Participants will step into the shoes of a detective and uncover the science involved in evidence gathering and analysis. The cost for five three-hour sessions is $160 per person for Johnson County residents or $176 per person for nonresidents.

The JCPRD's Activities catalog, with information and a registration form, is available for pickup at all Johnson County Library branches. For more information or to register, call (913) 831-3359. To register online and for updated program listings, visit the District's website at

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