New home fitness service released for affluent

A new Kansas City business helps the busy affluent overcome the challenge of staying committed to their health and fitness goals by creating a home fitness and food delivery service. ??? Trying to commit to exercise and diet changes is difficult for all individuals. Most individuals start fitness programs with a high level of energy and optimism. However, their commitment to jogging, going to the gym or group fitness classes fades over time when juggling marriage, kids, career, charities, clubs, and household chores push working out to the backburner. That’s why Courtney Roth has created a unique, enjoyable, and admittedly exclusive home fitness program for the busy affluent.

"The most challenging part about fitness and diet changes is accountability, know how, and the inconvenience of the whole process" Roth says. "Look, marriage, kids, and work rightfully take top priority for most people. When someone tries to change how they spend their free time outside of their top priorities too many seemingly impossible barriers are revealed. It takes supreme will power to stick to these changes and that's something most people aren't going to do. Statistics prove this every year when you see the failure rate of fitness and diet related New Year's Resolutions. It's alright to want better health, more energy, and a better looking body but not want to consistently make the effort needed to get those results. It's human but it makes results next to impossible and that's why a coach with built in accountability changes things."

Roth continues with passion "The program takes most of the self-accountability out of the equation. If a fitness fat-loss expert is showing up at your house 3-5 times per week to coach you through your custom fitness program at the time that works best for you and oh hey, he or she is also bringing your healthy groceries for the week, then significant body transformation results are guaranteed. Literally!"

“Unfortunately, the idea of fat loss has become a commodity,” says Roth. “Joining a group class, buying a gym membership, equipment, supplements, and workout DVDs simply gives people a false sense of productivity and accomplishment. They buy into the plethora of content in mass media and feel good about the hopes of getting fit but they take very little action with their purchase and hope fades until they buy into a new product or idea. What they need to tone muscle and melt fat is consistent completion of appropriate fitness and follow through on their diet changes. Having a way to redesign their lifestyle without the emotional stress of holding themselves accountable to make it to their workouts and to purchase healthy groceries is an amazing luxury.”

Roth, who holds a master’s degree in health administration, has been a personal trainer for more than 11 years.

“I’m constantly learning,” says Roth. “I know what works because I've tried it all and scrutinized it all.” Using his knowledge and experience, Roth helps his clients design the perfect home gym, complete their workouts, and eat healthy foods. “I’m a fitness and nutrition gatekeeper,” says Roth. “I keep my clients from wasting time and energy by giving them only the things that deliver guaranteed results. I remove the guess work from knowing what fitness to do, what groceries to buy, and what meals to prepare. I also remove the stress of holding yourself accountable. It's all done for you. Just don't cancel your session, " Roth says with a wink.

To request a free consultation from Courtney Roth visit ? About Company Courtney Roth is a personal trainer with more than 11 years of experience. As a student of fitness, Roth holds a master’s degree in health administration and is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. He has been committed to researching strategies, techniques and products that deliver guaranteed body transformation results since 2002. In 2013 Mr. Roth transitioned from the commercial gym and private gym setting to work exclusively with home fitness clients through his business, KC Home Fitness.

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