Callahan Creek to be presenting partner of Resilient Summit

DATE: January 16, 2014

CONTACT: Chris Marshall, President, (785) 838-4774 or


Callahan Creek is a presenting partner of the Resilient Summit, a two-day conference about the rise of the new collaborative economy that will be held February 6-7 at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Jeremiah Owyang (noted industry analyst and founder of Crowd Companies) and Ben Smith (Principal of Social: IRL and Callahan Creek’s Social Media Director) will co-host the event.

“We’re moving into the next phase of social where people don’t just share media, they share goods, services, money, space and resources – and bypass inefficient corporations in the process,” says Smith. “Corporations must use these same tools and strategies to regain relevancy – just as successful startups Uber, AirBnB and Kickstarter have done.”

Recently, the collaborative economy topped Forbes’ contributor David Armano’s list of “Six Things Every CMO Should Be Watching” in 2014. “The collaborative economy may not seem like something traditionally in the CMO’s wheelhouse, but any time a consumer/customer becomes empowered, marketers should be the first to take notice,” Armano advised.

Joining Owyang and Smith as keynote speakers at the Resilient Summit are Mark Hatch, CEO and Co-Founder of TechShop and author of The Maker Movement Manifesto, and Holly Minch, Chief Storyteller for Peers and author of Loud and Clear in an Election Year.

Owyang, who is well-known for identifying big trends in advance and helping companies through the transition, will also facilitate a roundtable discussion designed to help attendees develop actionable insights. “Companies that meet the needs of the collaborative economy become resilient brands,” says Owyang. “At the Resilient Summit, we’ll explore ways in which brands can become more innovative, agile, empowering, profitable and built to last.”

Callahan Creek’s President, Chris Marshall, is excited about the potential the event holds for responsive companies. “The next phase of social business is already beginning to happen,” he says. “The companies that act quickly will be in the best position to take advantage of the opportunities that are just now starting to appear.”

The Resilient Summit will be held February 6-7 at Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Representatives of major companies throughout North America and Europe will attend. For more information visit

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