Product Development Company Enters Partnership with Saepio


Product Development Company Enters Partnership with Saepio

Theory 4 partners with Saepio Technologies to offer marketing asset management platform

January 9, 2014 – Leawood, Kan. – Kansas City-based healthcare advertising agency, hippo’s brainchild Theory 4 has partnered with Saepio Technologies to offer a healthcare-centric marketing asset management platform branded The Marketing Toolbox. Joining forces, Theory 4 and the marketing software and solutions company, Saepio will build solutions to support the marketing communications demands of healthcare organizations.

Today’s healthcare marketers are time starved. Even with careful prioritization, there are more requirements and demands than even the most focused marketing team can realistically deliver. Additionally, as hospitals navigate through the evolving healthcare landscape, marketing departments are not only facing increased budget scrutiny, but also a demand for improved patient experience.

“Hospitals everywhere are being asked to do more with less,” Jim Brown, partner at hippo, the healthcare division of Kansas City-based Muller Bressler Brown. “We’ve found that marketers are seeking solutions that are easy to implement, budget-friendly and increase patient engagement.”

Marketing asset management (MAM) technology can provide the foundation for both marketing automation and dynamic content creation for healthcare marketers. Marketing asset management blends digital asset management, dynamic content creation and marketing process automation into a single, role-based platform.

The Marketing Toolbox eliminates time-stealing processes through automation and streamline repeatable processes – reducing time demands on corporate marketers, expanding the service marketing can fulfill, eliminating repetitive costs and enabling fast development.

“The marketing asset management platform that we are offering with Saepio serves as a resource for the marketing team and the organization as a whole,” said Richard Cherra, President of Theory 4. “Marketing and communication pieces will be able to be customized and replicated with ease. Brand teams will set their parameters including what can and cannot be modified, so they are always in control of the message and the brand.”

“The ever-increasing demands on healthcare marketers lead to one conclusion: Something has to give. Resources are down, demands are up and deadlines tightened,” said Mark Hunter, President of Saepio. “Partnering with Theory 4, we will allow companies to build the technology to reduce time and costs of repeatable marketing processes by sharing resources across the entire healthcare system.”


About Theory 4 Theory 4 is the brainchild of hippo, which was founded as the creative alternative to healthcare marketing. We understand the budget and resource constraints healthcare marketers face so we develop products designed to help hospitals drive patient acquisition, retention and engagement. These turnkey solutions are intended to help promote patient loyalty, facilitate patient-provider engagement, promote innovation or possibly even generate revenue for a hospital outside of direct patient care.

About hippo hippo is the creative alternative to healthcare marketing. As the specialized healthcare arm of Muller Bressler Brown, we bring a 30-year creative heritage to our clients. A legacy rooted in consumer- centric strategy. That means we don't look at people as patients. We look at them as consumers. People who have choices – who want compelling reasons to choose a healthcare provider.

Our creative experience in a broad range of consumer categories gives us unique insights to craft those stories. To create messages which speak to real people – not hospital executives, doctors and administrators. The difference, we believe, shows in our work and the results it delivers.

About Saepio Saepio empowers marketers to plan and execute meaningful and engaging marketing campaigns across distributed networks and around the globe – ensuring local relevance, brand consistency, speed to market and significant cost savings. The world’s best known brands turn to Saepio’s powerful software platform and extensive portfolio of support services to automate the marketing process, eliminate redundancy and ensure that all marketers connected to the brand – whether global, distributed, franchise, VAR or chain store marketers – have the assets and tools they need to quickly customize and execute campaigns.

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