University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program releases economic impact results: $666 million in sales increases, $662 million in investment for Missouri small businesses

In the past three years, the Missouri Small Business & Technical Assistance Centers (MO SBTDC) and Missouri Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (MO PTAC), programs of the University of Missouri Extension Business Development Program (BDP), have assisted Missouri companies with technical assistance and education resulting in the following results for client firms:

•Increase in sales$666 million •Investments$661.9 million •Government contracts$608.2 million •Research grants funded$16.8 million

In addition, the MO SBTDC and MO PTAC programs assisted clients in: •Creating or retaining 30,383 jobs

“Small businesses are the job creators in our state and nation, creating investments, sales and quality of life in our communities,” says Mary Paulsell, director of communications for the BDP. “These results validate what economic development research has said for some time -- that small, innovative and entrepreneurial companies hold the key to economic recovery.”

The MO SBTDC and MO PTAC programs work with a wide variety of companies each year. The economic impact many of those firms realize is self-reported by the business owners themselves through a verifiable process that guarantees their accuracy.

“These results demonstrate not only the ingenuity, determination and skill of the state’s businesses, but also the power of our technical assistance and education in creating healthy and sustainable Missouri companies,” Paulsell adds.

The MO SBTDC and MO PTAC programs include locations throughout the state, many at other state universities. Working in individualized counseling sessions, specialists with the two programs assist Missouri firms in addressing management, marketing, government procurement, technology commercialization and financial management issues.

For more information on the MO SBTDC and MO PTAC, contact Paulsell at 573/882-1353 or Visit the website at

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