Charitable Giving to Rise for a Fourth Straight Year?

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Charitable Giving to Rise for a Fourth Straight Year? "Stories of the Generous Life"

OLATHE, Kan. – Last year, charitable giving rose for the third straight year since the recession of 2007. Charitable organizations enjoyed a 3.5% increase in giving from 2011 to 2012 and that generosity was largely from individuals (72%), not necessarily from bequests, foundations, or corporations. As highlighted in William High’s newly released book, “Stories of the Generous Life,” one by one, individuals are giving from their personal earnings to a charity that has touched their heart and won their affections. Will this same trend be duplicated for a fourth straight year in 2013? If so, it will be at the hands of people who have learned the joy of giving and joining with others to make an impact on those who are less fortunate or for causes that they feel deeply about.

This begs the question – is America becoming more generous? And does that generosity manifest itself in other ways of giving beyond writing a check? As we approach the final days of 2013 and people looking for a tax break – will they break out their wallets in record numbers? It will be interesting to see if the fabric of our nation continues to trend toward liberality and openhandedness, especially as the greatest wealth transfer in human history is taking place.

At least $41 trillion will be transferred to younger generations by 2055, according to a recent survey by the Boston College Center on Wealth and Philanthropy. This staggering amount of money will go to one of three places – heirs, the government or churches and ministries committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. In “Stories of the Generous Life,” William F. High, Chief Executive Officer of the National Christian Foundation Heartland and founder of Generous Life, provided us a front row seat to observe what motivates some ordinary philanthropic individuals from Kansas City and beyond to be so liberal in their giving and live the truly generous life.

"The people in this book and countless others like them have found that while you can't take it with you, you can send it on ahead," High said. "There is no greater joy than in knowing that the decisions you make today will echo in eternity." Leaders across the nation are excited about how "Stories of the Generous Life" is impacting charities and helping others to discover the joy that comes only from generous giving. "Aside from the inspired Scriptures, nothing has catalyzed my giving journey more than stories of other givers," said Jeff Anderson, founder of Acceptable Gift. "`Stories of the Generous Life' will strengthen your faith, empower you to step into new giving experiences and encourage you to look beyond yourself."

Jim West, lead pastor of Colonial Presbyterian Church in Kansas City, MO, agreed. "This book is nothing short of compelling," he said. "It will help you discover what your heart has always longed for, as you find it begins and ends with a generous life."

The 21 people highlighted in this book, ranging from young adults to senior citizens, are missionaries, business owners, former scam artists, janitors, farmers and entrepreneurs. Not all are wealthy. None would say their journey is complete or that they have it all together -- but they all have experienced the joy of giving. "Often, it is in other stories that you find your own," High concludes. "These stories, along with the thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, will challenge and inspire you to discover what the generous life means for your own story."

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William (Bill) High is the CEO of National Christian Foundation Heartland where he is a sought-after leader and speaker on generosity and family legacy. He works with families, individual givers and financial advisors, sharing the foundation’s message regarding biblical generosity and charitable giving. Bill also assists families in documenting their family vision and mission statements.

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