Johnson County 4-H youth win Kansas Award Portfolios

On November 16, the Johnson County area 4-H Clubs had an Achievement Celebration Banquet at the Gardner, Kansas 4-H Building. The 4-H clubs celebrated for all the hard work and achievements done in the past year. One of the achievements is winning a KAP (Kansas Award Portfolio) at the county level. The KAP is a book that 4-H club members turn in to be judged, telling of all they have done in a specific project; including areas of leadership, community service and personal projects. 4-H members can do KAPs in projects like Reading, Fiber Arts, Cattle, Visual Arts, Leadership, Citizenship, Robotics, Aerospace, Woodworking, and Sheep etc. To win a KAP, you must do a lot of leadership and citizenship in the project. Once the KAPs are announced as winners, they move on to regionals, if they win regionals, then they will be judged at state. If the KAP wins at state, the 4-Her will be recognized at the Emerald Circle Banquet, and will receive a scholarship to go to Atlanta, Georgia for Congress. Congress is a convention for 4-H club members to continue growing and learning in leadership and citizenship; Congress also gives club members opportunity to meet other 4-H delegates from around the nation. Congress begins Friday after Thanksgiving. The names of the Johnson County winners are as followed: Ethan Eccles with Shooting Sports, Chris Eflin with Leadership and photography, Carley Eschliman with Reading, Evan Eschliman with Plant Science, Kristen Gladdis with Performer Arts, Natasha Graham with Self-Determined, Jessica Gunkel with Fiber Arts, Anna Hester with Health and Wellness, Marlaina Markwart with Foods and Nutrition, Zach Nason with Communications, and Leah Russel with Dairy Goats. Congratulations to all the winners at county of the KAP!

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