Tan Company sees more return customers after SMS offers

Contact: Nicole Jacobsen PR Coordinator SMS Masterminds nicole@smsmasterminds.com

The Tan Company, a tanning salon in Overland Park, Kan., has seen success utilizing a mobile text message marketing campaign with SMS Masterminds licensee VIPTextDeals.com. Since the two businesses began working together in April 2011, the salon has received over 36,900 Loyalty Rewards Kiosk check-ins from customers — and 40 percent of those check-ins are customers who have visited six or more times.

“The way that I look at it, each customer is worth about $100 a year,” says The Tan Company owner Gary Bodony. “It’s so important to me to be able to keep those customers coming back in, because I know if we keep them happy, keep them around, they’re going to be happy and come back the next year. That’s why texting has been a big part of what I do.”

The tanning salon works with VIPTextDeals.com to send text messages, or “broadcasts,” to their customer database. This database is gathered through the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, a touch screen tablet device with an operating system designed by and for SMS Masterminds and their licensees. The Kiosk makes joining a mobile campaign as easy as typing in a ten-digit phone number on a touch screen. Customers who opt-in this way also have the option to “like” the business’ Facebook page.

The Loyalty Program The Tan Company utilizes allows customers to accumulate rewards based on the number of check-ins they have acquired through the Loyalty Rewards Kiosk. The Kiosk also goes beyond simply tracking check-ins — it provides useful analytics to business owners, including the percentages of customers that have visited once, two to three times, four to five times, and six or more times.

SMS Masterminds’ Loyalty Rewards Kiosk system is revolutionary because it eliminates the need for an app or a smartphone, and even landlines can participate in the loyalty program which functions much like traditional punch cards — without the hassle of keeping track of a piece of paper or loyalty card. This ensures all consumers feel included in a business’ loyalty program.

“Tanning is kind of seasonal,” Bodony says. “We might have a customer for half a year, and then they’re going to decide not to come in and tan for a while. We needed to figure out how to get them back, and that’s the program [VIPTextDeals.com] and I have set up. If they haven’t been in for 90 days, or 120 days, or however many days, they’ll get a text from us. We’ll give them a better offer each time to hopefully entice them to come back into the store.”

VIPTextDeals.com owner Todd Treinen is a licensee of SMS Masterminds, a national mobile and loyalty marketing agency which licenses its technology and software to entrepreneurs around the country. Treinen currently manages multiple merchants in Kansas and Western Missouri, offering SMS deals to loyal consumers and seeing strong redemption rates.

For more information about SMS Masterminds services or accomplishments, please visit www.SMSMasterminds.com, email nicole[at]smsmasterminds[dot]com or call us at 877-541-8398. To hear a call with The Tan Company owner Gary Bodony about his experiences working with VIPTextDeals.com and SMS Masterminds, please visit: http://soundcloud.com/smsmasterminds/special-guest-1.


About SMS Masterminds: SMS Masterminds is a technology company founded in 2009 by serial entrepreneur Alex Minicucci that is changing the way mobile marketing services are used by small and medium sized businesses. This new integrated, data-driven approach combines the core functions of SMS/text messaging, mobile web and email helping businesses create stronger relationships with their customers through the use of proprietary social and mobile marketing tools.

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