Lee's Summit business helping Kansas City business owner save

There is no denying that local businesses have a major disadvantage when it comes to competing with large national chains. The purchasing volume of national companies affords them the ability to maintain lower prices that local owners just can’t compete with. A Lee’s Summit based company called Elite Barter Group, LLC is working to help local owners compete with the big boys through group trading. The whole goal of being a member of Elite Barter group is to reduce cash expenses and gain new customers. The savings can be put back into the business allowing business owners to compete more on price due to having lower operating expenses. That’s just one advantage to being a member of this growing trade group.

Having started just over a year ago and as of the writing of this release already being up to 46 businesses says quite a bit about the service being offered. Between the 46 current members there are over 90 products and services being offered on trade. The idea of bartering or trading is nothing new. Typically it’s trading product for product, or product for service. The problem for business owners is taking the time to find the right trading partner who needs their products or services in return. Once they find that partner, they have to negotiate the value that each side is getting hoping it will be an equal trade. Finally, once all that is done, they have to make sure the other side follows through on their end. Members of Elite Barter Group don’t have to worry about any of that thanks to group trading.

Group trading means both sides do not need what the other has. Members use a local currency called trade dollars to buy products and services from each other. The trade dollars are recognized by the IRS as equal to the US dollar provided all sales are reported as income. All trade dollars are backed by the retail value of each member. If the chiropractor in the group spends $1000 trade dollars on advertising, website hosting, travelling, etc. then he allows other group members to get $1000 worth of chiropractic services with their trade dollars. The end result is the chiropractor got $1000 value out of the group without spending cash; he simply paid it back with his service that cost him nothing but time. The places he spent trade dollars with then spend those earned trade dollars from the chiropractor with any other member on what they actually need. Everyone gets what they want.

Per IRTA (International Reciprocal Trade Association) there are over 450,000 businesses across the US that are part of trade exchanges. It’s estimated that 2/3’s of Fortune 500 companies also include trade as part of their business model. Between the two it’s about a $12 billion per year industry. That’s a lot of savings. Not many Kansas City business owners have known about trade exchanges like this. It’s time they have the same ability to save money like the other 450,000 businesses across the US are already doing.

To find out more about Elite Barter Group LLC go to www.elitebartergroup.com, or email Tommy at tommyl@elitebartergroup.com. You can also call him at 816-470-9055.

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