A Building Comes Down but a Ministry Thrives On

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A Building Comes Down but a Ministry Thrives On

SHAWNEE MISSION, KAN. (Nov. 12, 2013) A landmark and icon of the 70-year old ministry, Youthfront, will be torn down and rebuilt under the Woodside Village Residential Development project. To prepare for the final sale, Youthfront is hosting an auction on November 16th, to sell off the remnants of the building as well as many of its contents.

“We have 70 years of stuff,” Topher Philgreen, CEO stated. “We have restaurant supplies, office supplies, audio and television equipment, building supplies, furniture, and of course, Youth For Christ memorabilia. This is going to be a large auction that will mark a new beginning for Youthfront.”

The auction will be conducted by Wendt Auctioneers and will begin at 10 am at 4715 Rainbow Blvd., Shawnee Kansas. The auction comes at a crucial time for the organization, as all the building contents must be out before the closing of the building.

Despite the building coming down, Youthfront is thriving. While maintaining a strong ministry presence in the Kansas City area and throughout the Midwest, Youthfront has grown significantly over the last several years, becoming a national leader in youth development. “We have a fulltime staff at offices in five locations at our camps, urban centers, and in Mexico,” says Mike King, President and CEO. “We are excited to create a new headquarters that will feature technology, communications, learning, training and creative spaces that will propel forward our vision.”

Youthfront isn’t going to stay away from their 4715 Rainbow address for long. The organization moved to temporary office space but plans on moving back to the familiar address of 4715 Rainbow as soon as the first phase of the Development project is complete. Youthfront’s new offices will share space in the new development with other businesses and services in an innovative and health conscious environment.


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