Mushroom Farm Brings Gourmet Mushrooms, Knowledge and Passion to Kansas City

For more information or interviews, contact: Matt Trammell 779-875-4927 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE 10/21/2013 Kansas City and Warrensburg, Missouri Mushroom Farm Brings Gourmet Mushrooms, Knowledge and Passion to Kansas City

The gourmet and medicinal mushroom farm, Trammell Treasures Mushroom Farm will be moving to land and acreage by Warrensburg, Mo expand its production and offerings to the Kansas City area. They got their start growing mushrooms inside of a two bedroom apartment in Overland Park, Ks earlier this year. When asked what got them started in growing mushrooms you will get an unexpected response from them. What Matt Trammell told me was “Well, it’s kind of a funny story, but we found mushrooms growing out of the baseboards by our leaky washer in our apartment and I began to research what in the heck they were and how they could have gotten there and came across a guy named Paul Stmaets and read his book Mycelium Running on how mushrooms can save the world and I was hooked!” Since then, they have been growing for the Overland Park Farmers Market, the City Market in downtown Kansas City and Renee Kelly’s Harvest restaurant in Shawnee. The owner, Matt Trammell, recently was invited to speak at the 2013 Mother Earth News Fair in Lawrence, KS on 10/12/2013. This presentation was extremely well received by the standing room only crowd. This move will allow them to be able to teach more people how to grow their own mushrooms by doing workshops on how to inoculate their own logs and give them the space to produce more mushrooms for the Kansas City area as well as do research on the environmental benefits of growing mushrooms near monoculture agricultural areas. They are interested in studying the effects of using mycelia borders around feedlots and farms with runoff problems to examine and replicate the work of Paul Stamets in Washington. If you are interested in learning more about this farm or attend its first workshop on 04/05/2014 check out their website at


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