PRESS RELEASE: MSA Files Petition with State in Attempt to Ensure Access to Anesthetics for Surgery

The Missouri Society of Anesthesiologists (MSA) recently filed a petition with the Missouri Department of Corrections (DOC) urging the adoption of a new regulation relating to the use of anesthetics in lethal injections. The purpose of this proposed regulation is to prohibit the use of any drug for lethal injections if there is evidence that the use of that drug could negatively impact health care providers and facilities ability to purchase the drug for its intended use in the delivery of health care services. The department is required by law to respond to MSA’s within 60 days; however, the petition urges the department to adopt a new rule or regulation prior to the planned use of propofol in an execution scheduled on October 23, 2013. If adopted accordingly, this regulation could protect over 50 million patients and 15,000 hospitals, surgery centers, and health care facilities across the country who rely on propofol as a general anesthetic during surgery.

The European Union (EU) has strict regulations prohibiting trade of any drugs used for capital punishment, a policy that the German Commissioner of Human Rights reminded Missouri of in a recent letter to Governor Jay Nixon. If Missouri proceeds in becoming the first state in the country to use propofol in an execution, the EU is expected to place immediate export restrictions on the drug’s shipment to the entire United States. This would prompt an immediate drug shortage, as Europe supplies over 85% of the propofol used in the United States.

MSA President Larry Petersen, M.D. of Springfield, MO submitted the petition on behalf of over 800 anesthesiologists, anesthesiology residents, and anesthesiologist assistants across the state. “This is about ensuring anesthesia providers have enough anesthetic agents to keep patients safe during surgery.”

For more information, visit or contact MSA Executive Director David Jackson at or 573-319-9672.

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