UMKC Alumnus Bryan Pinkall to help stage the 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Media Contact: Dr. Bryan Pinkall Ceremonies Team Member Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games XXII Olympic Winter Games 620-617-2474/

Local affiliations: Instructor of Voice School of Music, Theatre, and Dance Kansas State University

Tenor Kansas City Chorale Winners of 2 GRAMMY Awards in 2013

For Immediate Release: UMKC Alumnus Bryan Pinkall to help stage the 2014 Olympic Opening Ceremony

Pinkall selected to the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games Ceremonies Team - will perform and manage portions of the Opening Ceremony of the XXII Winter Games in Sochi, Russia

(Sochi, RUSSIA) - After two years of interviews and testing, UMKC alumnus Dr. Bryan Pinkall was selected by the Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (OCOG) to join the group tasked with the production of the Opening Ceremony of the XXII Olympic Winter Games. Pinkall, along with a team of 5,000 performers, artists, and organizers will travel to Sochi, Russia for the event on February 7, 2014.

A recent graduate of the Conservatory of Music and Dance at UMKC, Pinkall has performed with many symphony orchestras, professional choirs, opera companies, and recording groups around the region. He was recently hired as a voice professor at the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance at Kansas State University. Bryan is also a professional singer in the Kansas City Chorale, winners of two Grammy Awards earlier this year.

“I have always been passionate about the Olympic ceremonies. It is an event celebrating what is best about humanity, and the artistic possibilities are nearly limitless. I cannot fully express my gratitude to the Organizing Committee for this opportunity. For me, this is a dream come true.”

The Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics will be one of the largest spectacles in history. Hundreds of world leaders will be in attendance, and it will be broadcast to nearly 2 billion people worldwide. Pinkall will be working with the OCOG Ceremonies Team to organize and manage portions of the event, and he will participate in the event itself. He declined to release any specific information about his role in the preparation or performance as details about the Opening Ceremony are highly secretive. Those involved with the ceremonies have agreed to keep sensitive information from the public until after the opening night.

Earlier this week, the Olympic Flame was lit in Olympia, Greece, the birthplace of the ancient Olympic Games. The Sochi 2014 Olympic Torch Relay will be the longest in the entire history of the Olympic Winter Games, and will include a trip to the International Space Station. The Relay will end with the Olympic Winter Games Opening Ceremony in Sochi on February 7, 2014 at Fisht Olympic Stadium. The stadium was designed by the Kansas City architecture firm Populous, and was created with the sole purpose for staging the ceremonies of the Olympic Games.

The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee offered their congratulations by thanking Dr. Pinkall for his “enthusiasm, initiative, optimism and diligence in this process. We wish him much success as he will be one of the creators of the Winter Games in Sochi and will be a part of our legacy.”

The 2014 Winter Games will be the first Winter Olympics hosted in Russia. Moscow hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics, which was boycotted by the United States. For more information about Bryan Pinkall visit To learn more about the XXII Olympic Winter Games visit


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