They Call Him…COWABUNGA!!! Book Release Party starring


Friday, October 4th from 5-8pm

Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables 117 SW 6th Ave

Join Oddfellow's Fine Books and Collectables in welcoming “The Old Dagga Boy” himself, Gary Clarke as he releases his 4th book, They Call Me Cowabunga!: Once Upon A Time In Africa, during the First Friday Art Walk October 4th from 5pm to 8 pm at 117 S.W. 6th Avenue in Topeka, Kansas. During the event select pieces from Gary's collection will be on display including souvenirs, original art, banners, flags, shirts and all sorts of other fascinating objects all featured in the book. Refreshments including Hazel Hill chocolates will be served. Enter for a chance to win Oddfellow's gift certificates and Gary Clarke books, and marvel at Cowabunga's impromptu campfire stories throughout the evening. For those familiar with Gary's other books I'd Rather Be on Safari, Hey Mister- Your Alligator's Loose, and Gary Clarke's Africa it will be no surprise that this book is filled with wit, charm, and a deep love of African wildlife and culture. To those new to Gary's work They Call Me Cowabunga! is an amazing collection of short stories about people on a journey. If you missed your opportunity to safari with Cowabunga this is the next best thing. More information about the event and about Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables can be found at, on Facebook by searching “Oddfellow’s Fine Books and Collectables”, by contacting Brandon Rison at 785-235-1181, or Gary Clarke at 785-272-7604.

From the dust jacket: Share a very personal Africa of the heart with the author as he relates sundry ordeals with humor and compassion from his 140 safaris. Laugh at this mispronounced Swahili and singular cockamamie tee shirts. Share his case of heebie-jeebies with endangered feces. Squirm as he rides astride a hungry African elephant in the bush, and groan at his Safari P's and Q's (Puns and Quips). P's and Q's also denote Predicaments and Quandaries for Gary on safari: face-to-face with Cape buffaloes- on foot, at night; encountering crocodiles in trees on an improbable river; as well as a series of misadventures attempting to get esoteric oddities out of Africa. His safari companions tell inside stories of a warthog under the bed, and a lion in the gents! The black and white photographs, some from his earliest safaris, are highly emotive. Included are haunting images of dramatic landscapes that made Gary feel both overwhelmed and humble, the incredible drama of wildlife at a waterhole, and some of his favorite people pictures. In this book, Gary reveals the lighter side of safaris, his treasured camaraderie with friends in Africa, the meaning of his many African nicknames, and what he learned from the lady in line. In the lore and romance of Africa, there are many colorful characters. Add to that list of luminaries this intrepid mand...they call COWABUNGA! COWABUNGA! a.k.a. Gary K. Clarke, P.F.L. Some people in Africa are unaware of the author's English name. Even the credit card he uses on safari is in his KiSwahili name: Mzee Shetani. And many who do know his English name- in Africa and the USA- still prefer to call him COWABUNGA! The initials P.F.L. after Gary's name officially indicate he is President-for-Life of Cowabunga Safaris. But he says they really stand for Pretty Fantastically Lucky. For a kid from Kansas with a fascination for the world and all that is in it, the adventure of living has enabled him to follow his dreams- especially those involving wild animals, human cultures, and the natural world. His zest for life and sense of humor are evident in this and his other books. While his territorial markings linger all over the African continent, his current habitat is Cowabunga Safaris Main Camp in the Fairlawn Plaza Shopping Center in Topeka, Kansas, 66614.

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