Kansas City Transportation Group Teams Up With NightLifeKC Media Creating Tech-Savvy Cab Rides for Kansas City

Kansas City Transportation Group Teams Up With NightLifeKC Media Creating Tech-Savvy Cab Rides for Kansas City

**$60K Advertising Giveaway to local business or charity

Local media entrepreneurs Dan Scott and Jeff Nuss, owners of NightLifeKC, announce their newest partnership with Yellow Cab of Kansas City and 10/10 Taxi of Johnson County, the “NLKC-TV Network”. Currently over 400 cabs have been strategically placed with TV screens that are running television spots as well as direct response couponing and static billboard style advertisements. In major cities such as New York and Chicago, it’s not uncommon for one to see these screens airing local business commercials. Kansas City will now join the ranks of cities using cabs as a device for digital, “in your face” marketing. Commercials and PSA’s from local charities begin running once the cab is in motion and your fare has started. With more than 3,000,000 Yellow Cab passengers and 10/10 passengers yearly, NLKC-TV will reach a vast amount of people through sight and sound.

To celebrate the launch of taxi advertising in Kansas City, one deserving organization will win $60,000 in FREE advertising on the NLKC-TV network reaching over 3,000,000 viewers! Any Kansas City Metro area entrepreneur, start-up, charity or community project is encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted from August 15th, 2013 thru October 8th, 2013. The winner will be announced on October 15th, 2013 and receive $60,000 in free advertising including video production. Submissions will be reviewed by NLKC-TV and KCTG staff and judged on two categories including; local impact and project viability.

For advertisers, NLKC-TV’s networks allow messages to be presented in places where consumers don’t have their remote handy to fast-forward through commercials. This form of advertising attracts consumers when they are in an active mode, rather than immobile while at home. Whether you’re a hospital, pet shop owner, hotel, car company, charity or small business owner, the NLKC-TV model is an affordable and extremely effective form of advertisement. Advertisers can pick specific time slots and travel routes throughout the city for ads to run. The network reaches a highly desirable demographic, from out of town visitors to concert-goers, gamblers, locals and more. Digital applications are available on NLKCTV.com at no cost. NLKC-TV plans to expand into Denver, Pittsburg, Washington DC and Baltimore, combining the fleet to more than 2,050 Yellow Cabs.

Kansas City Transportation Group is Kansas City’s largest taxi cab company, operating more than 300 Yellow Cabs and 108 10/10 Taxis in Johnson County. KCTG will be launching 10/10 Taxi into the Northland in Liberty, MO and Minneapolis, MN in the 3rd quarter 2013. Yellow Cab is managed by Bill George of the Kansas City Transportation Group.

For more information about NLKC-TV, contact owners Dan Scott or Jeff Nuss at (913) 730-NLKC / info@nlkctv.com or visit their website at www.nlkctv.com

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