Internationally acclaimed "House of Colour" comes to Kansas City

Linda Davis of Leawood is bringing United Kingdom-based House of Colour to the Kansas City area, joining an elite group of specialized consultants that help clients discover how to use color, styles and shapes of clothing to achieve their appearance’s full potential.

Ms. Davis first started working in the cosmetic and fashion industry as a teenager. Her love of style & fashion stayed with her during her years as a full-time mom. “I loved many looks and colors but it took me years to fully understand that all styles and colors don’t love me,” Davis said. “I’ve made many unfortunate choices over the years. I’d buy things that looked great in a catalogue or on a friend but that weren’t the most enhancing for my personal coloring and architecture. This was a waste of money and a blow to my self-esteem.” Women especially tend to blame their self-perceived faults instead of recognizing when something does not look great; the wrong choice is at fault.

“If I wanted to cook better, set up finances for my company or even teach my dog obedience, I wouldn’t hesitate to hire someone to give needed help. Yet professional help to look my best every day felt frivolous,” explained Davis. “However my experience as a client of House of Colour proved to be immeasurably valuable and practical. I suddenly knew why each of those items hanging in my closet that I never wore, didn’t work. I discovered my very best colors were ones that I never wore and I didn’t even realize looked good on me. I was wearing makeup colors that were too muted and made my complexion look dull – that was the first change I made.” The consultant got her thinking about how color works (or does not work) with an individual’s skin tone, eye, and hair color. “The correct color choices will only enhance your whole look, making you look healthier, younger, and increasing your self-confidence, ” explained Davis.

Style and color consultation is a way to save money and time in the long run. Davis, a wife and mother of a teenage boy is keenly aware of this. “No more hours in front of the mirror with a bloated wardrobe — 80% of which I would never wear because the items just didn’t look right on me.” Now, Davis spends a fraction of the money and time on building her wardrobe, focusing on colors, sizes and cuts that make sense. “It’ great to walk into a store and not feel overwhelmed. I know what I’m looking for now and so I wear nearly everything I buy on a regular basis.”

So when the opportunity was presented, Davis didn’t hesitate to train and become one of the 10 consultants so far in the United States. She began taking clients in January in her home studio in Leawood.

There are a variety of consultation packages, including small group workshops for color, clothing and cosmetics. There are special packages for brides as well as men looking to increase their competitive edge through appearance.

For more information on House of Colour, USA, contact Linda Davis via email
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